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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Georgia Update, International Style

This has been another crazy-busy week, so I thought I'd keep things simple and give a look at how the International coverage of the crisis in Georgia has been progressing all week.

On Sunday, the latest cease-fire/pullout announcement said that Russian troops would start leaving Georgia the next day. Michael Ware reported from Tbilisi:

By Tuesday, it was clear that yet another deadline had come and gone with no sign of actual troop movement:

Yesterday, though, things actually did seem to be happening. In three clips throughout Your World Today, Michael documented where troops were pulling back, where they weren't, the disputed "buffer zones" that Russia intends to put in place inside sovereign Georgian territory (and who's gonna stop them?), and finally some further details about rumored ethnic cleansing and internment camps:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SUNDAY: Candy Crowley was on Late Edition from Los Angeles, while John King was on the DC set; Jill Dougherty hosted GPS.

MONDAY: Zain Verjee was in Brussels, Belgium with the NSA; Morgan Neill (above) is back in Havana, and covered Hurricane Fay; Tom Foreman was on Marco Island, Florida covering Fay; Reza Sayah reported from Pakistan about the Musharraf resignation; Candy Crowley was in The Situation RoomRob Marciano co-hosted American Morning; Heidi Collins and Kyra Philips were both solo on their editions of Newsroom; Ali Velshi was off all week; Campbell Brown hosted AC360.

TUESDAY: John King was in The Situation Room and on AC360 to discuss the "Revealed" special; Campbell Brown hosted AC360.

WEDNESDAY: Suzanne Malveaux was on the set for American Morning to discuss the Veep guesses and "Revealed"; Zain Verjee was in Warsaw, Poland; John King hosted Ac360.

THURSDAY: Cal Perry was in Madrid to cover the plane crash; Candy Crowley was in Chicago; John King hosted Election Center and AC360.

FRIDAY: Carol Costello co-hosted American MorningJohn King, now in Denver for the convention coverage, hosted Election Center and AC360, which turned into a marathon assignment as news of Obama's VP choice leaked out.

Enjoy the weekend, and the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. See you Monday!

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