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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Iraq update

Peter Bergen appeared on AC360 on Monday night to discuss the situation in Iraq and the increasing use of women as suicide bombers:

Meanwhile, a report has come out about an expensive (unneeded?) prison that was built so shoddily that it will never be used. Jamie McIntyre on The Situation Room:

Wednesday, Morgan Neill updated the issue of the IOC ban of the Iraqi team -- a deal was reached to allow some athletes to compete:

(Since that report, two more athletes -- the rowers -- have also been allowed back in.)

Thursday on Newsroom, Arwa Damon filed a report that outlines the concerns of and about security contractors in Iraq:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paula Newton did a report about a new documentary that features former CIA agent Bob Baer discussing the power of car bombs as a terrorist weapon -- far more so than WMDs because they are so much easier to make and are nearly impossible to stop. (I realize Paula is based in London, but I find it curious that she didn't even mention Oklahoma City in the report...)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: John King hosted This Week in Politics;  Miles O'Brien hosted Your Money (or $$$$, if you prefer).

SUNDAY: Suzanne Malveaux was a moderator at the Unity '08 convention for minority journalists in Chicago; Candy Crowley was also in Chicago to cover the event.

MONDAY: Dana Bash was in Boston in the morning and DC in the afternoon; Arwa Damon reported from Baghdad; Rick Sanchez filled in for Ali Velshi on Issue #1, as he would all week; Campbell Brown hosted AC360 (as she would through Wednesday) while Anderson Cooper is filming great white sharks in South Africa.

TUESDAY: Ed Lavendera was enjoying a family holiday at Disneyland ... until the earthquake hit; Dr. Sanjay Gupta was in NYC and appeared on Election Center to discuss Senator McCain's biopsy and AC360 to discuss the AIDS statistics among blacks; Randi Kaye was in Minneapolis for the one-year anniversary of the horrific bridge collapse there; Alina Cho was in for Kiran Chetry on American Morning; Tony Harris was off.

WEDNESDAY: Miles O'Brien was in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to try out a personal jet-pack; Susan Roesgen was in Los Angeles for follow-up on the earthquake; Nic Robertson (above) was at the Hague for the arrival of Radovan Karadzic.

THURSDAY: Roland Martin hosted Election Center; Wolf Blitzer hosted AC360.

FRIDAY: This may be a record: all four evening show hosts were off: Lou Dobbs had Kitty Pilgrim filling in; Campbell Brown had a pre-recorded special on; Larry King and Anderson Cooper showed repeats. Must be summer!

That's it for me today. hope wherever you are, you're enjoying this summer weekend... assuming it's summer where you are!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see Peter Bergen finally got new glasses. The others made him look as though he were an alien from outer space. Not good for a man so smart.

Anonymous said...

A comment on the Kiran/Lola segment on celebrities who have photo exclusives of their newborn babies. First of all, Kiran did not disclose that OK! Magazine had the exclusive rights to the baby pictures of her newborn son, Chris. So, she had one of these picture deals that she and Lola were talking about. Granted, Kiran didn't make as much money off of her deal, but I thought it hypocritical of her to sit there, calling the whole celebrity/baby photo thing "out of control", when she had succumbed to the same type of tactic. So, Brangelina will get more publicity and perhaps more earning power because of these pictures, and I think that's what Chetry was criticizing, but isn't that what Chetry and CNN had in mind for Kiran as well? Using kids to further a celebrities career is tacky in my opinion, and Kiran should have been a little more honest and disclosed to the viewing audience that she had participated in the same tasteless publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:42PM: I totally agree with you. I actually saw the OK spead and it was tasteless of Kiran, but I'm not quite certain CNN had all that much to do with it. They all have agents now to "feel things out for them."

Anonymous said...

roland co-anchored election center with tara wall, actually

Anonymous said...

I don't expect anyone to answer this question, but I thought I would try asking it anyway.

It's been said that Kiran Chetry wanted Gretchen Carlson fired over at Fox News so that she could have the Fox and Friends slot. A lot has been said of Chetry becoming a diva over at Fox, being very difficult to work with. Now, we see how she is marketing herself, going to a cheap tabloid celebrity mag to have them publish her baby pictures. She didn't like Carlson pushing her out of the way, but seemingly had no difficulty going over to CNN and knocking Soledad out of the way. So, is there anyone with actual knowledge of Chetry's behavior now that she's at CNN? Is she demanding and on a star trip?