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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Unite Against the Man!

I'm thinking that this whole episode in American Morning history will go down as mustachegate. First we had Richard Roth getting the entire crew involved in the wear'in of the 'stache. But the "hairless profit of doom' was on vacation and thus missed all the fun. As I said in my post yesterday, Ali returned to American Morning on Tuesday and low and behold he not only has a very respectable mustache but a full blown goatee. Here's Rob Marciano and Kiran's reaction, along with Ali's concerns about management.

But alas, on Wednesday morning the 'hairy profit of doom' had been replaced by clean shaven Ali. Score 1 for The Man and 0 for AV.

The polling continues in our Hottest CNN contest. Some of the races are very tight, so make sure to cast your vote. ~Phebe

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