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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dispatches from the Middle East

It was an unusually hectic week in the Middle East, and CNN correspondents were on top of a lot of events...

On Wednesday, Peter Bergen appeared on AC360 to discuss the suicide bombing in Sanaa, Yemen:

The next day, Ben Wedeman was in Sanaa and toured the site:

(Ben also wrote a short blog report on it, which has a great line in it about CNN's ability to get access:  Aftermath of a suicide bombing)

Cal Perry is back in Baghdad,  and on Monday he reported on SecDef Gates' arrival for the handover from General Petraeus to General Odierno:

On Tuesday, Cal did a background piece on Odierno:

Friday, Cal reported on a soldier whose family is desperately trying to learn his fate. Apparently, he was murdered by one of the men under his command:

(For some good news coming out of Iraq, read the article by Dexter Filkins that ran in yesterday's NYT: Back in Iraq, Jarred by the Calm)

Octavia Nasr reported on a fatwa leveled at Mickey Mouse...

Saturday, a truck bomb nearly brought down the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. Nic Robertson reported early from Jalalabad:

Sunday afternoon, Reza Sayah did a follow-up that included the surveillance footage of the truck burning in front of the hotel:

And Sunday night, Dan Rivers did a further follow-up and discussed how the interior of the hotel looked:

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