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Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav: Monday pt 2

We're trying to make sure we get clips of everyone on the CNN "team" down in the Gulf Coast... poor, wet, crazy folks that they are! Wish we could also give shout-outs to all of their crews, as well, but I guess they will just have to tell their families who they were out there with!

Yesterday afternoon around 5:30 ET, Gary Tuchman appeared from their stand-up across from City Hall. Wolf asked him to comment on their safety:

7:30 this morning, Dr. Sanjay Gupta from Tulane University Hospital:

10 a.m., Rob Marciano is up on the roof of the Omni Hotel in the French Quarter:

11 a.m., Chris Lawrence in the northern part of the city, where flooding is happening:

12:45, Rob is still on that rooftop (hope he's wearing lead boots!):

1 p.m., and Don Lemon is in Jefferson Parish and talks to Susan Candiotti in Gulfport, Mississippi:

3:15, Chris Lawrence near the Industrial Canal, where we can see for ourselves how well these levees have been built:

Also, from Sapphire... Don Lemon gives a shout-out to his family:

...and Brian Todd in Baton Rouge:

Here's hoping the levees hold and that everyone gets to dry out soon!

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