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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

The All Things CNN team will clip and post reports from CNN reporters and correspondents as Gustav makes landfall. We'll add reports to the top of the post throughout the day. As CNN stays on top of the story so will ATC. ~ Phebe, Quitty, Book Asylum, Sapphire and Cyn

Sean Callebs out in the storm - 9:15 AM

Ali Velshi in the storm - 7:54 AM

Abbie Boudreau covers the NOLA’s homeless population.

Anderson Cooper, John King and Wolf Blitzer cover the politics concerning Gustav and the Republican National Convention plans.

Susan Roesgen spent most of Sunday at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and filed this report.

Ali Velshi is in Grand Isle on the Louisiana coast to cover the economic side of Hurricane Gustav

All day the CNN weather team has been tracking Hurricane Gustav. Reynolds Wolf, Chad Myers and Jacqi Jeras and other members of CNN weather team bring the breaking news as it comes.

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