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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike: The Morning After

Producer Tommy Evans posted this shot on the AC360 blog:
Here's a picture of what we’re dealing with driving down
towards the Texas Coast. This is the I-10 - 59 Split.

Some more images from overnight and this morning:

Rick Sanchez does a mime-impression and loses his hat in the process:

Rob Marciano talks to a resident of Galveston who lost his house but kept his sense of humor:

Betty Nguyen shows some of the damage in downtown Houston:

Jeanne Meserve is in an area of downtown Houston where broken glass covers the roads:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

Remember last week when I said there would be a one-week-only color coding? Umm... Well, reporters covering Hurricane Hanna are in blue, those covering Hurricane Ike are in red.

SATURDAY: Dan Lothian was in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina; Reynolds Wolf was in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina; Kathleen Koch was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Susan Roesgen was in Key Largo, Florida; Suzanne Malveaux was in Terre Haute, Indiana with the Obama campaign.

SUNDAY: Susan Roesgen was in Key West and Islamadora, Florida; Karl Penhaul was in Cap-Haitien, Haiti; Suzanne was in Chicago.

MONDAY: John Roberts was off and Alina Cho filled in; Jessica Yellin was in Anchorage, Alaska on Palin patrol; Dana Bash was Lee's Summit, Missouri with the McCain campaign; Suzanne was in Farmington Hills, Michigan with the Obama campaign.

TUESDAY: Michael Ware was in New York; Suzanne was in Lebanon, Virginia with the Obama campaign; Dana was on Lancaster, Pennsylvania with the McCain campaign; Nic Robertson was in Islamabad, Pakistan.

WEDNESDAY: John King was in Rochester, Minnesota reporting on states vital to the election; Candy Crowley was in New York; Suzanne was in Washington with the Obama campaign; Ed Henry was in Fairfax, Virginia with the McCain campaign; Jessica was in Fairbanks, Alaska; Hugh Riminton reported from Seoul, South Korea on the reports of Kim Jong Il's death/illness.

THURSDAY (9/11): Suzanne was in New York; Dana was in Seven Springs and Shanksville, Pennsylvania with the McCain campaign; Lou Dobbs was in Washington for his Independent Convention (also Friday); Gary Tuchman was in Galveston, Texas; Susan Candiotti was in Surfside Beach, Texas.

FRIDAY: Carol Costello was in for Kiran Chetry; Dana was in New York; Candy was in Concord, New Hampshire with the Obama campaign; Gary Tuchman and Rob Marciano were in Galveston, Texas; Anderson Cooper, Jeanne Meserve, and Sean Callebs were in Houston; Rick Sanchez was in Morgans Point, Texas; Susan Candiotti and Reynolds Wolf were in Clute, Texas; Ali Velshi was in Baytown, Texas.

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jodi54 said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Cyn. Interesting to see Tommy Evans working Hurricane Ike instead of his normal post in Baghdad. Wonder if he welcomes the change from war in a hot, dry climate to a deadly storm in a more tropical one?

Mavis said...

another amazing account of amazing journalist working in horrible conditions.

Phebe said...

wish Tommy Evans had brought Michael Ware along to cover the hurricane. Now that is something that would be very interesting.

Rick Sanchez did an amazing job of covering Ike on Friday night and again on Saturday. He seems to enjoy his job very much which makes it fun to watch his reporting.

Thanks for a great post Cyn.

MWmcFan said...

Great post Cyn. The CNN reporters & crew that covered hurricane Ike were incredibly brave and brought us amazing coverage. Stay safe all.
Phebe, what are you thinking? I'm glad Tommy didn't bring Mick to cover Ike! lol Hasn't Mick been through enough catastrophes? I hope Mick is hanging out and enjoying himself if he's on vacation, he deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Great post of letting everyone know where everyone was at, but can I respectfully correct you on one thing? Suzanne was in Terre Haute, Indiana. I know cause I live close by and it was all over the local news.

Cyn said...

anon@1249, do you recall what day that was? I'll be glad to add it -- sorry I missed that!

Anonymous said...

Cyn, you have it listed as Terre Haute, North Dakota and it should be Indiana.

Suzanne Malveaux was in Terre Haute, North Dakota with the Obama campaign.

Thanks I just thought you might want to know the real state. Like I said you all do a great job with your blogs and I am sure it is not easy keeping up with everything.

Cyn said...

Well, good heavens... talk about a brain cramp! Sorry, Indiana, didn't mean to move Terre Haute to North Dakota!

Thanks again for pointing it out, I've "moved" it back to its rightful state!