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Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a week it was...

As Wall Street continued its meltdown, the effects on the average citizen and on the rest of the world became more apparent. On Thursday Richard Quest did a piece from London explaining why the AIG bailout happened:

Friday, Kiran Chetry interviewed former British PM Tony Blair, and they discussed the impact on world finances. They also talked about his new focus, which is working with faith groups around the world:

Tuesday, Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr was in The Situation Room to describe a trip she took with the National Guard to tour the area hit by Hurricane Ike and to gauge how well we are getting basic necessities to those hit hardest:

Christiane Amanpour was on American Morning to talk about Korea (the change in their nuke stance; the rumors about Kim Jong Il's health) and also the special she and Frank Sesno are doing tonight:

The Next President will air tonight at 9pmET and features five former Secretaries of State -- Madeline Albright, James, Baker, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, and Warren Christopher.

Finally, just a funny little bit from John Roberts Wednesday... sounding like management there, JR!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?
Okay, one more time for the color coding... reporters in the Hurricane Ike zone are in red...

SATURDAY: Anderson Cooper was on the air from Houston at 1 am ET, Tony Harris took over as anchor at 2 am, TJ Holmes came on at 6 am, and Fredricka Whitfield at noon; Gary Tuchman was in Galveston, Texas; Jeanne Meserve and Betty Nguyen were in Houston; Ali Velshi was in Baytown, Texas; Rick Sanchez was in La Porte, Texas; Susan Candiotti and Reynolds Wolf were in Clute, Texas; Rusty Dornin was in Beaumont, Texas; Sean Callebs was in Kemah, Texas.

SUNDAY: Betty was in Seabrook, Texas; Ed Lavendera was in San Antonio; Reynolds was in Clear Lake City, Texas; Susan Roesgen was in Port Oliver, Texas; Rusty was in Bridge City, Texas; Sean in La Marque, Texas; Susan Candiotti was in Houston; Dana Bash was in Denver with the Palin campaign; Ed Henry was in Concord, New Hampshire with the McCain campaign; John King hosted This Week in Politics.

MONDAY: Dana was in Golden, Colorado with Palin; Candy Crowley was in Pueblo, Colorado with the Obama campaign; Cal Perry (above) was in Baghdad; TJ Holmes was in for Tony Harris; Betty Nguyen and Christine Romans were in for Kyra Phillips.

TUESDAY: Ed Lavendera was in Houston; Barbara Starr toured Texas with the National Guard; Candy was in Denver with Obama; Ed Henry was in Vienna, Ohio with McCain; John King was in Riviera Beach, Florida to film another "Battleground State" report; Heidi Collins filled in for the first hour of Tony Harris' timeslot, while TJ Holmes took the second and the first of Kyra's; Rick took the second hour for Kyra.

WEDNESDAY: Suzanne Malveaux and Candy were in Las Vegas with Obama; Ed Henry in Cleveland with McCain; Dana was in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Palin; John King was in Del Ray Beach, Florida; Zain Verjee reported from DC about the suicide bombing in Yemen; Peter Bergen appeared on AC360 to discuss the attack; Don Lemon was in for Tony (through Friday) and Fredricka Whitfield was in for Kyra (through Thursday).

THURSDAY: Ben Wedeman was in Sanaa, Yemen to report on the suicide attack; Richard Quest reported from London on the financial meltdown; John King was in the DC bureau; Kitty Pilgrim was in for Lou Dobbs.

FRIDAY: Ed Henry was in Chicago with McCain; Dana was in Blaine, Minnesota with Palin; Suzanne was in Coral Gables, Florida with Obama; Candy was in DC; Betty was in for Kyra; Lisa Sylvester was in for Lou.

That's it for me today. Have a good weekend!

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MWmcFan said...

Cyn, thanks for the informative clips. I’m looking forward to seeing Christiane and Frank’s “The Next President”. I was surprised to see Cal back in Baghdad; I hope everything is alright with Michael Ware.
Also I hope your health is getting better, get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Kiran Chetry did a great interview with Tony Blair. CNN is allowing Kiran to do more big interviews, and that's a good thing. I've always been a Chetry fan, but lately I've become an even bigger one. Kiran's little smirk when the name "Palin" is brought up lets me know that she is another liberated female journalist who isn't buying into Palin's warped and backwards views. The pro-choice females in our media have a job to do, and that is to keep America from allowing this woman to get anywhere near a top position in gov't.

And Kiran, Good job!!

Mavis said...

I'll have to be honest, when Kiran first hit the scene, I wasn't fond of her, but now I'm changing my mind. I think she holds her own with some heavy hitters.