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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Campbell Brown and the CNN Election Hotline

There was big news from Campbell Brown this week. She and her husband are expecting their second child in April. Brown talked about this news a bit when she was Jon Stewart's guest on The Daily Show Monday night. They also touched on the Tucker Bounds interview that Campbell did plus what she had wanted to call her new program. Of course it's a bit tough to get No Bias No Bullshit past the CNN censors so she had to settle. The interview was about 7 minutes long and I've posted it in two parts.
Part 1

Part 2

Hudson's Booksellers now has the CNN lineup, in bookmarker form, available at most of their locations. The bookmarks are free for the asking. Hudson's are located in most major US airports.

With the election quickly approaching now is the perfect time to again mention CNN's hotline for voting abuse. Viewers have reported problems in the weeks leading up to Election Day, but the bulk of the irregularities are expected on November 4th. Of the many important issues leading up to the election, voter concern for accuracy and accountability at the polls is at the forefront. So spread the word about the CNN Hotline and let's keep this election honest.

CNN Voter Hotline: Keeping Them Honest
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Just think the next time I blog at ATC we will have a new president! I, for one, am curious what CNN will do to fill all the hours that have been devoted to politics. Until next week ~Phebe

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