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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Double-Shot Saturday

If you're still having a problem with the Time-Warner clips autoplaying, 
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That will alleviate the problem!

Well, I've been hoarding quite a few clips for the past two weeks, so there's a lot of interesting tidbits here for you today!

Monday, 10/6 -- First up is a follow-up piece from Nic Robertson about negotiations hosted by the Saudis last month in Mecca to bring together the leaders of Afghanistan and the Taliban:

Wednesday, 10/8 -- Barbara Starr reports on the hunt for bin Laden. McCain may blithely say that he knows how to find him (why has he been keeping THAT to himself all this time??) but Peter Bergen doubts we are any closer now than we have been since he slipped out of Tora Bora:

Thursday, 10/9 -- Reza Sayah reports on a suicide bomber who slipped into a police headquarters in Islamabad:

Friday, 10/10 -- John Roberts interviews Sir Richard Branson on the economic insanity going on of late:

Friday, 10/10 -- Miles O'Brien does a piece that explains our bad financial habits. Would you like some chili fries with that 401K?:

Friday, 10/17 - Miles reports on the roller-coaster effects of pitching too many metaphors into the truckloads of bad news and skyrocketing prices we are drowning in:

Monday, 10/13 -- A third piece from Miles focuses on a recent plunge (sadly, no metaphor here!) by a Qantas jet -- was it caused by a passenger using a cellphone?:

Wednesday, 10/15 -- finally, an "Edge of Discovery" piece about portable fingerprint mass-spectrometer labs:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

As promised, a double dose this week to make up for my slacker ways last weekend!

SATURDAY (10/4): Dana Bash was still in St. Louis following the VP debate; Jessica Yellin was in DC; Ted Rowlands was in Las Vegas for the OJ verdict; This Week in Politics was bumped for another Your $$$$ special; John King hosted a special critiquing the VP debate.

SUNDAY (10/5): Nic Robertson was in London and reported on the talks with the Taliban leaders held last month in Mecca.

MONDAY (10/6): Richard Quest reported from London; John King and Candy Crowley were both in Columbus, Ohio; Dana started the day in DC but then reported from NYC.

TUESDAY (10/7): Candy, Jessica, and Ed Henry were all in Nashville for the debate; Suzanne Malveaux, Wolf Blitzer, and John King were all in New York for it.

WEDNESDAY (10/8): Ed was with the McCain campaign in Strongville, Ohio; John Roberts hosted The Situation Room, as he also would tomorrow.

THURSDAY (10/9): Suzanne was with the Obama campaign in Dayton, Ohio; Candy was with them in Portsmouth, Ohio; Ed was with the McCain campaign in Waukesha, Wisconsin; Reza Sayah (above) reported from Islamabad.

FRIDAY (10/10): Suzanne was with Obama in Chillicothe, Ohio; Dana was with McCain in Lakeville, Minnesota; John King was in Columbus, Ohio to film for the Battleground States series.

SATURDAY (10/11): Suzanne was with Obama in Philadelphia; Dana was with McCain in Davenport, Iowa.

SUNDAY (10/12): Candy, Ed, and Gloria Borger were all in DC for the talk shows; Dana hosted Ballot Bowl from DC;  Jessica was in Scranton, Pennsylvania for a Biden rally that also featured Hillary Clinton.

MONDAY (10/13): Candy was in New York; Jessica was in Toledo, Ohio with the Obama campaign; Ed was with McCain in Richmond, Virginia; Dana conducted an interview with McCain in Wilmington, North Carolina; John King was in St. Louis, Missouri for the Battleground States filming.

TUESDAY (10/14): Suzanne and Wolf were in New York; Ed and Jessica were in Hempstead, New York, site of the Hofstra debate; Dana was with McCain in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

[Wednesday & Thursday everyone stayed close to NYC for the debate and aftermath.]

FRIDAY: Suzanne was with Obama in Roanoke, Virginia; Dana was with McCain in Melbourne, Florida; Gary Tuchman was in Mesilla, New Mexico for a Biden rally; Candy was in DC; Phil Black reported from Baghdad.

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1 comment:

MWmcFan said...

Great clips Cynthia, thank you for your post! And thank you for letting me know how to avoid hearing all the previous autoplaying clips. Before I found out about that tidbit I had to download Nic's clip onto my computer in order to hear it!
Miles is amazing, he can take any story and have fun with it - that roller-coaster ride was cool.