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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Time Warner Summit & Ali on Oprah

For this two-day event, Time Warner is inviting leading media organizations and analysts, political insiders and pundits for a series of keynotes, conversations and panel events on topics ranging from the media’s roles and responsibilities in covering the campaign and election to how the digital revolution has changed the race for the White House.

There is a huge list of confirmed speakers, may of which are familiar to CNN viewers. Campbell Brown, Jon Klein, Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpur, Jeffery Toobin, Fareed Zakaria, Mark Halperin, John King, Donna Brazille, Bill Schneider, Candy Crowley, and David Bohrman just to name a few. For more information follow the link.

Thank goodness CNN's Ali Velshi has not lived up to his TDS moniker of 'The Profit of Doom' in the past few turbulent days. His calm voice of reason has gone a long way to helping viewers not only understand how we got into this financial mess, but also what we can expect during the long climb back out. It seems that even Oprah wanted to share the Ali approach to Econ 101 with her viewers last week. Take a look.

Part 1

Part 2

CNN Digital Secures No. 1 Spot for Vice Presidential Debate, ‘Political Ticker’ Set All-Time Highs Following Vice-Presidential Debate

The CNN Digital Network garnered multiple No. 1 rankings and set traffic records for the Thursday, Oct. 2, debate between vice presidential hopefuls, Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin.
On debate day, CNN Digital ranked No. 1 among all Current Events and Global News sites with 73 million total minutes, 60 percent ahead of MSNBC and 70 percent ahead of Yahoo! News. CNN Digital also ranked No. 1 in page views with 69 million page views, 47 percent ahead of MSNBC and 120 percent ahead of Yahoo! News. (Source: Nielsen Online) Live served 1.5 million live streams during the debate – Live’s second highest day on record – showing an increase in streams by 43 percent. Compared to its traffic during the Democratic National Convention, Live’s total streams increased by 149 percent. (Source: Omniture Site Catalyst, Global)
On Friday, Oct. 3, the CNN Digital Network continued to rank No. 1 among all Current Events and Global News sites with 61.9 million minutes, besting MSNBC by 19 percent. CNN Digital also ranked No. 1 in page views with 67 million page views, ranking ahead of MSNBC by 46 percent. (Source: Nielsen Online)
Overall, Friday represented the highest traffic day ever for the CNN Political Ticker – the No. 1 political news blog according to Nielsen Online – as it generated 7.3 million page views. This is the 12th time in two weeks the Political Ticker, which features fact checks and analysis from CNN commentators and correspondents, has had more than two million page views per day. (Source: Omniture Site Catalyst, Global)
Also, reported its highest trafficked day ever on Friday with 21.3 million page views., which launched only a year ago, garnered its one billionth page view the week before the Democratic National Convention. (Source: Omniture Site Catalyst, Global)

And thanks to Cyn for catching this 'separated at birth' cap from Wednesday's American Morning. Richard Quest and John Roberts must have coordinated wardrobes before coming to work!
Well there you have all the latest from me this week. Until next week ~ Phebe

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