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Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's The Fairest Of Them All?

Saturday is the premiere of DL Hugley's new program on CNN.

He’s an Original King of Comedy and he’s coming to CNN. On October 25th, CNN debuts a new weekend show hosted by renowned comedian D.L. Hughley. This self-professed news junkie is one of the most popular and highly recognized stand-up comedians performing today. His new weekend show will take a comedic look at the week’s events in the news. It’s a fact - some of the most popular shows on television are focused on the news but hosted by comedians. Now, the world’s news leader will take the lead in this extremely popular genre of programming based on news and current events. Our dedication to journalism is unequivocal, but sometimes we all need a laugh.

This is a bold, unconventional programming initiative for the CNN brand, but it’s an example of how CNN continues to explore new ways to connect to its audiences and build community, especially with the younger, more diverse audience that has recently been choosing CNN in significant numbers. There is nothing like D.L. Hughley on CNN and his presence to motivate new audiences to sample all of the networks in the CNN portfolio.

This new late-night-style weekend show will feature Hughley’s fresh take on the news of the week – and the world around him. Everything from politics and world affairs to entertainment, sports and pop culture will be fodder for comedy and commentary. Hughley’s curiosity will be paired with CNN’s global resources to create an unconventional broadcast of comedy, conversation and debate.

Performed in front of a live audience, the show will feature Hughley’s unique interpretation of some traditional late night television offerings, each with an added value only CNN can offer. The show will draw heavily on CNN’s video resources and will feature richly crafted video pieces. Interviews with newsmakers and panels of pundits, as well as real people and comedians are all likely to show up depending on the topics of the week. Live and pre-taped comedy segments in studio and on location will also be featured in the show. CNN’s own correspondents and reporters will be on hand to weigh-in on topics and potentially be seen occasionally as Hughley’s good-natured “straight men.”

The show will deliver information with an unusual perspective that taps into all of Hughley’s comedic instincts. The one-hour show will be taped on Fridays and air every Saturday and Sunday from CNN’s New York studios.

The program airs at 8PM ET on Saturday, October 25th and 8PM ET on Sunday, October 26th on CNN.

Thursday night's Anderson Cooper 360 showed a clip from the Thursday night edition of Saturday Night Live. SNL aired a skit concerning the magic map that we frequently see John King using.

Thanks to Phebe for the clip!

If you were watching Ellen earlier this week, you would have seen her talking about how much CNN she has been watching. She mentions The Situation Room, Larry King Live, Campbell Brown, John King, Anderson Cooper, and Wolf Blitzer.

Friday night, Richard Roth appeared on Jeopardy to provide the answers for the United Nations category. Friday was "United Nations Day."

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anne said...

Just MY opinion here,folks.....
and some or all may not agree....

but think about it for a sec:

with ALL the talented people at CNN,some of whom we NEVER see anymore,or rarely SEE.....
(Miles O' Brien,just to name ONE)

plus, who are a thousand times more qualified to have their own shows....and who are REAL anchors/and or/journalists...

AND are being basically shoved aside for the so called ''new talent''.....

CNN hires a comedian and gives him one of their prime time slots????

I can do without all the ''new talent'' they have hired this past couple of years,thanks very much.

If this is Jon Klein's idea of people who ''light up the screens''....

well sorry,none of them have nor will light up my tv screen!

especially if it comes at the expense of all those qualified people ALREADY THERE, who I would rather watch,BUT,who are being wasted!

Anonymous said...

Poor John King, he looked totally uncomfortable and unhappy during the SNL skit. I think that JK is first of all in a desperate need of a break after the election is over because it kind of appears that this election season is kinda waring on him, even that he loves to cover elections. Plus, I think he is a litttle toooo protective of his baby, the magic map. He needs to lighten up and take the jokes SNL has with stride :). I thought that he has a great sense of humor, but again, he may be really tired. However, he is one of my favorite CNN journalists LOL!

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 11:15am, I think you are right about John King. I think this election has worn him out. I know he loves politics, but I think this one is just making him tired. This election has turned him into the energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going and going. I hope that after this election he takes some much needed and well deserved time off.