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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ratings At A Glance

Ratings for the week NOVEMBER 10 - NOVEMBER 14, 2008

Campbell Brown Jeffrey Toobin No Bias No Bull CNN NOvember 14, 2008
Adults 25-54
Larry King CNN November 11, 2008
Adults 25-54
CNN536,000 1
Anderson Cooper Candy Crowley AC360 CNN November 14, 2008
Adults 25-54
CNN573,000 1

Welcome to the first full week of post election mania ratings. Politics have been driving CNN's ratings success this year and with the election completed, their numbers slipped this week. FOX has claim to the top spot during all three prime time hours. MSNBC takes second place during the 8PM and 9PM hours. CNN had the second highest Adults 25 - 54 demographic rating during the 10PM hour. Third place during the 8PM hour goes to Headline News, with CNN trailing behind them this week. During the 9PM hour, CNN comes in third. MSNBC comes in third place during the 10PM hour.

There was one bright spot in CNN ratings for last week: Thursday, November 13th, was the premiere of CNN Present's Escape from Jonestown. The program which was anchored by Soledad O'Brien did very well in the Adults 25 - 54 ratings demographic for the program's time period (9PM - 11PM).

  • FOX (regular programming 9PM - 11PM): 448,500
  • CNN (special 9PM - 110PM): 861,000
  • MSNBC (regular programming 9PM - 11PM): 506,500
  • HLN (regular programming 9PM - 11PM): 226,000

1 4 day average. Special Programming on CNN from 9PM - 11PM excluded.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

Have you voted yet for the 2008 CNN Hero of the Year? Have you watched the profiles of the top 10 finalists? If not, here are the video clips for the finalists:

Tad Agoglia

Marie Da Silva

Yohannes Gebregeorgis

Carolyn LeCroy

Anne Mahlum

Liz McCartney

Phymean Noun

David Puckett

Dom Lemon had David Puckett on over the weekend. Here's the discussion that they had about the work he has been doing with Southeastern Mexico.

Maria Ruiz

Viola Vaughn

Voting ends Thursday, November 20 at 6 a.m. ET.

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Anonymous said...

CNN needs to revamp it's prime time lineup. I hope
that CNN will bring some of their 30 something and
hire some of the 20 somethings from Current TV
like Conor Knighton, Laura LIng(who happens to
be Lisa's sister) Mariana Van Zeller and Adam
Yamaguchi and others. i read a while back
that CNN was going to launch something called
all platform journalists. I would think CNN would
be very impressed with this series. I hope they
would also eventually create an online hub for
independent or freelance journalists, writers
doc and filmmakers, photojournalists and
musicians who write songs about the events
taking place in the world and well as viewers
with a camera(which is just about everyone
these days to just upload things they find
worldwide and permit user generated news
provided by viewers that are actually news
and not junk or gossip. i was just on ICN
and they had an article that CNN has a billion
dollars to play around with, It is my hope that
CNN will improve their product by adding more
content and break away form pov news.
I was really impressed to read Anderson's
comments about the news being independent
without agendas. Current TV reminds me of
the type of journalism that Anderson would
recognize considering he does this sort of thing .
It is a perfect fit. Plus the people at Current
could really help Larry King out with the internet
segments of his program Please find a way to
bring Betty, TJ, Veronica and Alina Cho into
prime time. I hear them often talk about the
technology they use. I think they could really
connect with the 18-29 year old who would
be tuning in to follow the news like they did
during the election. I for one think CNN should
try and bring in the 18-54 yr old demo. Of
course there is Anderson and Erica who are
also tech people as well. CNN can constantly
upgrade and re-invent itself like no other news
organization in the world.

Anonymous said...

CNN must give John King his own program in
primetime. The Comedy Central clip that is
making the rounds on the internet is a classic.