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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where's Wolf?

Tom Foreman's latest Metro article is The real meaning of loose change.

Change is tricky.

Each new president brings his moving boxes to the White House, saying he really wants change; and almost all of them leave saying they wish they could have had more of it. In this election, where change was the cornerstone of winning, Barack Obama’s ability to produce change will be a large measure of his success.

He wants change. You, the voters, want change. Even John McCain ran on a message of change. But Washington does not want it.

“Hold on!” you say. “Isn’t this a government of the people, by the people and for the people?”

Sure. In the same sense that professional sports are really all about the fans. All the politicians will tell you they believe; in theory the government should serve the public’s interest. But it’s like that old saying: When people agree with you in theory, it means they have no intention of agreeing with you in practice.

Washington is all about power, and people with power keep it, only if things remain largely the same. When things start changing, power ebbs and flows from one person to the next, and all those power brokers in D.C. get nervous. Right now, they have power, and if things change they might not. And they will use that power in whatever way is necessary to keep power in their hands.

There are plenty of other impediments to change.

Global economic turmoil is roaring ahead, with scant care about Obama’s grand visions. The markets may get a lasting election bounce, but base level problems boil beneath the surface, and they can undermine his most sincere, smartest efforts to produce change.

We have already had warnings about the potential for increased international terrorism, as enemies of America test our new president. It happened to Bill Clinton, with the first attack on the World Trade Center. It happened to George W. Bush, with Sept. 11. Ask yourself, “What vision for change did President Bush have before that terrible day, and how much did it shape so many of the events that followed?”

Barack Obama is telling you to beware of the cynics, the skeptics, all who say change can’t come, because ideas and hope are too easily killed. But remember that changing even a single life, let alone a nation, is difficult. It requires patience, cooperation, and not a little luck.

I could not help but think of all that, as I walked away from the cheering crowd in Times Square on election night, and no kidding, I passed a man in rags, hunkered on a corner with a paper cup.

“Hey, man,” he said, “Do you have some change?”

Last week was Election Day and without our veterans, would we even have an election? So its fitting that Tuesday of this week, we celebrate Veterans Day. has a featured section called “Veterans in Focus: Service, Struggle and Success” – which highlights 11 veterans and their stories. CNN's Jamie McIntyre hosts the special from the National World War II Memorial.

John King hosted Late Edition on Sunday. He interviewed California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and asked him for his thoughts on the election results.

John King also interviewed Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Here is a clip from the interview:

You may have noticed that Wolf Blitzer was missing from CNN on Friday and Sunday. Where was he? Well, at the end of Late Edition this morning, John King explained that Wolf was at his daughter, Ilana's wedding.

The New York Times article explains how the couple met.

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Ashley said...

I thought that John did a great job sitting in for Wolf yesterday. I thought that at the end of Late Edition, it was cute of him to explain where Wolf was. It was also sweet of John to say that Wolf's daughter was "beautiful". John looked more relaxed yesterday than before the election ended. I guess that it stressed everyone out, including him.

Kristien said...

Wolf's daughter is beautiful! (her husband looks like Prince Harry, no?)

I saw bits of Late Edition, John did a great job.