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Friday, January 2, 2009

Bloopers & More

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2009! Tonight's post is full of highlights from this past week's American Morning. First, Ed Henry reported on President Elect Obama's work out routine.

I'm not sure that John Roberts should be criticizing Ed Henry's shorts when he doesn't always remember to put on a tie in the morning.

The next clip is Jeanne Moos report, Getting to “know” Kennedy.

I liked the advice at the end that John Roberts and Christine Romans discussed:

  • The old adage of it's better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.
  • You have two ears and one mouth, use your ears twice and your mouth once

Too bad it is not heeded more often.

And on Thursday's American Morning, Joe Johns and Kiran Chetry showed two blooper reels from 2008:

Reel 1:

Reel 2:

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ACAnderFan said...

Those out takes from American morning were hilarious. Clearly they have alot of fun on that show.

Em said...

Wish I could get up early enough to watch them out here!

Kristien said...

Nice to see some clips from AM and them being bloopers makes it even better, lol. Seems like a fun show to be part of!

Anonymous said...

Well, as far as Kiran goes, she always seemed to be having a lot of fun at Fox News too, but we all know how that turned out.

On a side note, I think Kiran would be a perfect spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. She's always given me the impression that she's a strong pro-choice woman, and that's the kind of woman I like! Go Kiran!

Anonymous said...

I love American Morning. Its the best show on CNN. I like how they have a mix of everything on there.
Did you guys see Richard Simmons making out with Kiran's foot. That was priceless! I love the expression on Kiran and Rob's face before they went to break. If you could post the full clip, that would be great! Richard was just bouncing off the walls that day. Thats why I love the show, you never know what will happen! I think John and Kiran do a great job as hosts.