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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Post That Never Happened

Sometimes when pulling a blog post together something happens... I have everything that I need to do a post- maybe an interesting article, a video clip, a few pictures, or a press release. Then it all gets shelved- something else pops up at the last minute that just can't wait. This is one of those posts... it (or at least parts of it) started coming together earlier this month and night after night it didn't make it through the last draft and ended up on the virtual chopping block.

Ali Velshi was back on American Morning earlier this month and was having trouble with a fragrant, fruity, gummy thing...

On to fashion, Lola Ogunnaike provided a recessionista for men report. At the end of it, she reviews the first impression DO's and Don'ts with John Roberts.

For the record- John Robert’s proclamation about the tie was here to stay was short lived. A couple of days later, he went without the tie again.

Have you heard about Damon Weaver? He’s a young man who has been lobbying to get an interview with the President. John Roberts interviewed him earlier this week in DC and Damon took the opportunity to ask Roberts about his on again / off again tie.

One last clip, who at CNN has been mistake for the President? This report on the President being put on the cover of MS magazine ended with an interesting subway story and of course a comment from John Roberts.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does CNN have a new weekend schedule ?
I was scanning the menu on upcoming
programs for Saturday and Sunday and it
seem like there are changes.