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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things to Think About

Tonight I am sharing some thought provoking stories along with laughter to boot.

This weekend during NewsRoom Don Lemon shared a story about a “Grandson of Slaves” The story was very powerful and I thought I would share it since not everyone gets a chance to catch stories that air on the weekend.

Mrs Anne Nixon Cooper turned 107 and Don Lemon helped celebrate the milestone at her birthday party

Last week Richard Simmons was a guest on American Morning. At the end of his interview with Kiran Chetry Richard attacks Kiran’s foot. I totally felt horribly for Kiran but could not stop laughing.

The moment was so hilarious that it was the Moment of Zen on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

That is it for me as I am off across the pond. See you when I get back ~ Sapphire

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Don Lemon segment featuring the
producer is amazing. Please CNN do
more of this instead of those annoying
repeats on weekends.