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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dealing With Bush Fires

Tuesday, John Vause was in Australia to cover the horrific fires there that have claimed nearly 200 lives (a number that is expected to increase to possibly 300):

During President Obama's press conference Monday night, Ed Henry asked about the policy of not allowing photographs to be taken of the flag-draped coffins of our slain servicemen and women as their bodies are returned to this country. (The policy was instituted during the First Gulf War.) On Tuesday, Barbara Starr did a follow-up piece on the controversy:

Saturday, Jill Dougherty reported on what the future holds for the US in Afghanistan:

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Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Melissa Long was in for Betty Nguyen.

SUNDAY: Melissa was in for Betty again.

MONDAY: Sean Callebs was in New York City; Bill Schneider was in Jerusalem for the elections; Wolf Blitzer was in New York for coverage of the president's first press conference. Carol Costello was in for Kiran Chetry.

TUESDAY: John Vause was in Whittlesea, Victoria in Australia to cover the bush fires there; Ali Velshi was in Chicago; Reza Sayah reported from Tehran; Gary Tuchman was in Phoenix. 

WEDNESDAY: Rick Sanchez was in New York; Wolf was back in DC. Fredricka Whitfield was in for Kyra Phillips. Also, Miles O'Brien tweeted that he was back from a trip to Kenya.

THURSDAY: Soledad O'Brien anchored special coverage of Abraham Lincoln's birthday (getting about half of each hour, while the regular anchors still had their own slots.) Ed Henry and Kyra were both in Springfield, Illinois; Don Lemon was in Washington. Wolf was in Atlanta; John King was in Phoenix. Fredricka anchored Kyra's timeslot. After finishing AC360 and going into repeats, the plane crash in Buffalo occurred; Domestic carried the International feed until Anderson Cooper returned to the air; he stayed on until 4amET.

FRIDAY: American Morning started at 4am for coverage of the plane crash (above, Anderson hands off to John Roberts and Kiran.) Deb Feyerick and Jason Carroll were at the location in Clarence Center, New York. Suzanne Malveaux was in for Wolf.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is CNN playing around with the weekends again.
Larry King is on for the 8pm hour.