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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Highlights from State Of The Union (Tuesday)

John King showed up on Katie Couric's YouTube video from Tuesday's visit at the White House.

Jim MacMillan caught this picture of John King in Philadelphia this past week and posted it to twitter (twitpic).

On Friday, Politico's Michael Calderone posted an email from Michelle Jaconi, the new Executive Producer of CNN's State of the Union with John King.

Family, Friends & Contacts,

The lead reads like this: I left the oldest show in television for the newest.

After 12 years with “Meet the Press,” CNN wooed me with an offer I couldn't refuse -- including creative control of a show that is going to change my favorite political institution, the Sunday morning public affairs program. So, I did the unthinkable ... I traded one 4 am alarm clock for ... another one. And I did it for one reason: I love being excited about what I do.

I believe in CNN and in John King.

So set your DVRs and on Sunday morning, tune into CNN from 9 am to 1 pm ET. The show is called the "State of the Union with John King" and I hope that with my brethren alone we can bump the ratings up this Sunday.

Michelle Jaconi
Executive Producer
"State of the Union with John King"

On Tuesday, John King anchored a one hour live edition of State of the Union with John King on\LIVE. Alex Castellanos, Hilary Rosen, Mike Allen, Dana Bash, Dan Lothian, Ed Henry, and Candy Crowley joined King. The discussion included comments from Facebook users as well as results from polls being conducted on Facebook. Online broadcasting is a bit different from TV... there's aren't really any commercials or breaks. The program did take a short break (filled with music- including ABBA- and CNN promos) mid way through as they changed who was sitting at the table, but mostly this was a full hour broadcast.

Here are a few clips from the program... it is still live TV whether it is broadcast to your TV or through the internet, so there were a few technical difficulties. Also, getting feedback from viewers can always be interesting as you'll see in the last clip... one viewer suggests a drinking game.

One other difference between a regular TV broadcast and the internet... no transcript. I'm not able to do highlights from today's State of the Union with John King... highlights will return in a few weeks.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

State Of the Union was really good today.
This program can definitely be a player
when it comes to the Sunday morning
news program. I like Sunday Morning on
CBS, Meet the Press on NBC and This Week
on ABC so I do a lot of channel flipping with
the remote.