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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Now or Never

Jack Cafferty appeared as a guest on a couple of CNN programs this week to talk about his book. On Thursday he appeared on Larry King's program:

And on Friday Campbell Brown had a recorded interview with him:

I love Jack's dry sense of humor and his scathing honesty. And even without ever meeting her, it is so clear that his late wife must have been an extraordinary woman. I can't wait to get this book.

Also, Jack will be appearing on The Daily Show this Monday, March 30. Should be a memorable interview!

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A couple of the world economy pieces ran this week. This first one is from Frederik Pleitgen (in Berlin) and Stan Grant (in Dubai):

This one features Kyung Lah (Tokyo), Stan Grant (near Abu Dhabi), Ivan Watson (Istanbul), and John Vause (Beijing):

And here's an unusual financial piece -- Nic Robertson gives us a look at a "financial boot camp" the Army is running in Baghdad:

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Where in the World...?

SUNDAY: Christiane Amanpour was in Chaghcharan, Afghanistan.

MONDAY: Michael Ware was in New York. TJ Holmes was in for Tony Harris.

TUESDAY: Wolf Blitzer was in New York to cover the President's press conference; John King was also in New York. Betty Nguyen filled in for Tony; TJ filled in for Rick Sanchez.

WEDNESDAY: Don Lemon was in The Situation Room, as he visited Washington for an interview with RNC head Michael Steele; Jill Dougherty was in Mexico City with SecState Clinton; Anderson Cooper hosted AC360 from El Paso, Texas. Fredericka Whitfield filled in for Tony.

THURSDAY: Anderson spent the day in Juarez, Mexico, then hosted from El Paso (above); Randi Kaye and Drew Griffin were also in Mexico; Gary Tuchman was in Tuscon, Arizona. Jack Cafferty appeared on Larry King Live, as a panelist and a guest. Don filled in for Tony.

FRIDAY: Christiane was in New York; Peter Bergen appeared on AC360 to discuss the President's plan for Afghanistan; Jack was on Campbell Brown's program; Anderson was still in El Paso; the second hour of AC360 was the fourth installment of Ali Velshi's "Money Summit" series. Don was in for Tony; Tavis Smiley filled in for Larry King.

That's a wrap for me today. Have a great weekend!

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1 comment:

Mavis said...

My heart really goes out to Jack.