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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ratings At A Glance- Week of February 23, 2009

Ratings for the week FEBRUARY 23, 2009 - FEBRUARY 27, 2009

Adults 25-54
CNN301,000 1
Adults 25-54
FOX581,750 2
CNN339,000 3
MSNBC349,750 2
Adults 25-54
FOX412,250 2
CNN360,250 2
MSNBC268,000 2

The ratings winner last week? *drum roll* FOX. Once again, they swept the average Adults 25 - 54 ratings for regular programming in all three prime time hours. The exception to their first place finish came on Monday and Thursday nights at 10PM when CNN had the highest demo ratings. CNN remained in fourth place at 8PM and slipped to third at 9PM. MSNBC rose to second place at 8PM and 9PM. They remained in fourth place at 10PM. HLN had third place finishes at 8PM and 10PM; fourth place at 9PM.

CNN had the highest Adults 25 - 54 demographic ratings for Tuesday night's Presidential address to Congress (the non-State of the Union Address) with 1,293,000 viewers. FOX followed with 1,218,000 viewers. MSNBC had 813,000 viewers.

1CNN: 3 day average at 8PM. Does not include Wednesday & Thursday night's broadcast of Black in America.

24 day average. Does not include Tuesday night's Presidential address to Congress (FOX: 9PM & 10PM; CNN: 10PM; MSNBC: 9PM & 10PM)

3CNN: 2 day average at 9PM. Does not include Tuesday night's Presidential address to Congress or Wednesday & Thursday night's broadcast of Black in America.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

NOTE: Ratings at a Glance is going on a brief hiatus but is scheduled to return on March 17, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Lou Dobbs. Campbell Brown
and Larry King are starting to hurt Anderson.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in big trouble. This what happens when
you just put opinion and no news.CNN needs to
fix things like yesterday. It makes no sense to
me.AC360 was a cool news program you used
to get news. For the last couple of days 360 has
been awful, Too much Rush Limbaugh and not
very balanced panels. The only way the suits will
take notice is if they end up being number 3.
Quite honestly CNN needs to suffer for putting
junk out on the airwaves. Memo to CNN :why do
you waste a chunk of time that can be used for
news. Some of the stories missed this week so
far on 360 : CIA destroys tapes,1 in 31 people
are now in American jails, the cricket team under
assault in Pakistan, the security breach of Marine
One. Dumbing down 360 is just awful.CNN quit
trying to be FNC and be original.

Anonymous said...

CNN problems begin with American Morning.
The program and others rely to much on pundits
and people who are not really qualified to do
anything other than political talking points,
Morning Joe on the other hand gets it, You have
to have people on the air outside of politics to
talk about various topics. Personally, I think the
ratings reflect a backlash.CNN is just plain awful
these days.It seems that there is a lack of leader-
ship at the network. The only program worth
watching these days is 360. I hope that when
Roland Martin subs for Campbell Brown that
CNN is smart enough to change the show
completely. At this point I think it is pretty
obvious she will not be around too much
longer. Also, CNN needs to start thinking of
a successor for Larry King. But please handle
the situation carefully, Also get rid of Lou
I say have American Morning
with Kyra Phillips, Alina Cho, Zain and all
of the women at CNN. Women are now 52
percent of the population and are likely
to be up that time of day. Rename and re-
brand the program. GIve John Roberts a
prime time slot,he is too talented to be
wasted on a morning program. Originally
wasn't he suppose to be a successor for
Larry King. Hire Conor Knighton, Jeff Johnson,
Jael dePardo, Adam Yamaguchi and more
young up and coming people in television.
Mix them in during all of the major programs
all day long. Also, you have to let viewers
offer stories they would like to see air on CNN.
MSNBC was able find CNN;s weak spots.If your
opponent can see your weakness before you
do you are in trouble.MSNBC is covering Rush
Limbaugh the right way it is a joke. So why is
CNN trying to make it serious? Sorry to be so
long but it is just so frustrating to see the
best news channel go down in flames. Move
away from the single format of the CNN
Newsroom, why did you think MSNBC moved
away from the format. It is possible that
viewers will not like the solo anchor and
change the channel. If you have 2 or 3
people there is a chance you will like one
of them. Change the Newsroom as well.
And for goodness sake book better guests.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why crap like Faux gets so many high ratings.

As for CNN,they need to wake up and smell the coffee,especially over at AC360.
Sometimes I feel as if I am watching a tabloid,or entertainment show.I do not even see it as the one I first started watching four years ago.
For that matter,where is that Anderson Cooper from back then,either?
Enough of the 'panel people' already, with them taking so much time with their opinions,get back to the real news from the REST OF THE WORLD.
It does still exist,and by the way,so does NOLA.
Though THAT seems to have been forgotten by this show,AND Anderson.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Kyra Phillips when she has been on American Morning,much better than ''that other person'' who cohosts.I tuned in a few mornings,and thought she fit in there much better.

I do not watch AM all that much anymore,just once in a blue moon.

I will never forgive or forget them for getting rid of Miles and Soledad.
Just another one of the many stupid Klien and company decisions,which,IMO,started with Aaron Brown,and went from there.
Look at all the REAL talent that is no longer there at CNN.
Yet the new ''talent'' is being pushed down our throats.
Sorry,I will pass.
CNN is turning into Faux with their ''pretty people'' newbies.
They can read the prompter,big deal.
Give me the REAL journalists any day:Soledad,Christiane,Nic,Michael,just to name a few.

If the new ''so called hunks'' and ''Barbie bimbos'' are the direction CNN wants to now go in,well,no wonder they are in trouble!
I would rather have good quality talent giving me my news,not the perfectly madeup doll with boobs,tight clothes,who does not have a hair out of place!
Get with the program,CNN,or you will have no viewers left,and perhaps ditch the higher ups,who do not seem to have a clue.

Anonymous said...

I have tired of the panels as well.It is valuable
time wasted that could be used for news.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:59 FNC does niche programs for people
who are ideologues.I have talked to so many
people this week who are angry that CNN gives
Rush Limbaugh so much coverage. In fact there
is a study out that says CNN has done more than
200 stories on Limbaugh. Guess what. FNC only
did 58. Just take a look at the numbers so far
this week on TV by the Numbers. Lou Dobbs and
Campbell Brown have got to go.

Anderson Cooper was the right move because
he is the only thing keeping CNN on the map
right now. Good hires with John Roberts, Don
Lemon. Please use them. Heck maybe give TJ
and Betty a shot a the morning show.I say throw
Erica Hill in with the women's show along with
Kyra, Zain, Alina, Soledad, Heidi and all of the
women anchors and reporters at CNN but how
about in prime time. Maybe Larry King can air
at 7, Roland Martin at 8, Erica and the girl council
at 9 and make 360 live for 2 hours again.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to get rid of Larry King or get someone younger. I agree that AC is using too many panels, and they are never upbeat about anything. I think AC should be expanded and forget Lou Dobbs. Jack Cafferty should have his own show.