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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Highlights and More

I hope that those of you observing Easter Sunday had a good day. I have a mini-version of the regularly scheduled Highlights from State of the Union with John King. But first, a montage of clips from Friday's American Morning. TJ Holmes was sitting in for John Roberts. In the first segment, Kiran Chetry mentions that Holmes recently got engaged; next, Holmes critiques the American Morning music selection; and finally, Holmes gets picked on for not knowing his dog breeds.

Here are a few video clips from today's State of the Union with John King:

Dana Perino joined King on today's program to discuss her trip to South Africa.

Top U.S. general on Iraq

When will U.S. be out of Iraq?

U.S. General joins Facebook

Looking for Gen. Odierno's Facebook page? Try here. And the power of mentioning one's Facebook page on State of the Union... Gen. Odierno started the day with 70 "supporters" and at the time of this post has over 1,800.

Official: Iraqis are ready

Salazar searches for energy

Journalists on scandals

Reliable Sources podcast

John King has started doing a Monday morning crib sheet:

Subject: "State of the Union" Sunday Crib Sheet

Date: April 12, 2009


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This week's crib sheet hasn't been posted to the Political Ticker yet, but here's a link to last week's to give you an idea of what it contains:

State of the Union is on Twitter as well as Facebook. You can follow the program at:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Melissa Long and Don Lemon did great work on
Sunday with regards to the breaking news
about the rescue of the captain form the pirates.
Maybe Tj and Betty can do a 6 am newscast Mon
thru Fri and move American Morning to 7am.
It might help their viewer and demo numbers.
Have a fast paced show without packages save
the packages for American Morning. During the
show TJ and Betty can highlight the big stories
in morning papers by using the big screen.
Along with the top stories from and
other cool stories. Top stories on AOL and
Yahoo. Top videos on the web from Vimeo
and other sources.CNN needs an internet-
themed news show. Also, how come CNN
Student news is not a weekend morning show
on Saturday . I thought is was great when
CBS ran in the news in the middle of cartoons
on Saturday.