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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Highlights from State of the Union April 19, 2009

This morning's State of the Union with John King started off with a discussion with Department of Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano. They discussed the 14th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing; the release of CIA memos; and from the magic wall they discussed the protection of the border, illegal immigration, and drug & gun trafficking.

Then John King talked with Sen. John Ensign (R) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D). The conversation started off with immigration reform, President Obama speaking with President Hugo Chavez, the CIA memos, same sex marriage, and the Minnesota Senate race (that still hasn't been resolved).

The first panel of the morning included Donna Brazile and Mary Matalin covering the topics of President Hugo Chavez, CIA memos, and same sex marriage.

This week's behind the scenes staff briefing is about the Chesapeake Bay report:

John King reported on the state of the Chesapeake Bay. He talked with Don Pierce, a crabber, as well as Jackie Harmon and Tommy Leggett of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation:

On Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz started the program off with Amanda Carpenter, Ann Marie Cox, and Frank Sesno. The topics included the coverage of the tea parties (FOX, CNN, MSNBC), and the new first pup. Kurtz also talked with Frank Sesno about his new project with PBS: Planet Forward. The program takes a look at citizen video's as a way to question the White House.

Next up was an interview with Michael Smerconish. Smerconish is a Republican who backed Obama during the primaries. They discussed the state of cable news and talk radio.

Jonathan Martin and Lynn Sweet joined Kurtz to discuss the Minnesota Senate election that continues without a resolution as well as the Newsweek article about Eliot Spitzer, Blagojevich desire to be on a reality TV program, and Texas' session from the union.

If you missed the program, you view the Reliable Sources podcast:

Back to John King with a discussion with (Mary Matalin's other half) James Carville and Bill Bennett. They talked about the CIA memos, right wing extremists, Obama's performance on the international stage, and tax day parties.

John King took the diner segment down to Cape Charles, Virginia to Kelly's Gingernut Pub. They discussed how President Obama has done during his first 100 days.

The next panel of the morning included David Gergen, Stephen Hayes, and Gloria Borger. They analyzed the summit that the President attended, homeland security, and tax day parties.

And then program changes as a result of the President's press conference. A report on the Florida everglades was dropped at the last minute. The panel returned to fill the time until the 35 minute press conference started. After the press conference, John King spoke with Stephen Hayes.

New York Governor, David Paterson, was scheduled to have the last word on the program. This segment didn't air Sunday morning, but it was posted to

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