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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Highlights State of the Union for May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! Hopefully, those of you celebrating the holiday had a good day.

The first guest on with John King this morning was General David Petraeus to discuss Pakistan and the Taliban; as well as Afghanistan.

The next discussion was with Senator Bob Corker (R) and Senator Bob Casey (D). The topics included Pakistan and Afghanistan. Sen. Corker was not impressed with the President of Afghanistan at the recent luncheon in Washington, D. C. The discussion also turned to the economy; the results of the "stress test" of the banks; the future of the Republican party; and Sen. Specter's party change. King tried to ask Sen. Corker about comments that VP Cheney had made, but the Senator decided he preferred to talk about Sen. Specter.

Mary Matalin (R) and Hilary Rosen (D) were the next guests. King threw the question about VP Cheney's comments to Mary Matalin. They also debated how safe the US is with Obama as President and comments made at the White House Correspondent Association dinner.

Los Angeles is said to the homeless capital of the world. John King went there this week and interviewed Ruth Martinez, a homeless mother with a young son. He also interviewed Rudy Salis who works with a Community Outreach program. The version of this interview on appears to be an extended version:

Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz started off with Rachael Sklar, Amanda Carpenter, and Joe Klein. The topics included the state of the Republican party, Obama's Presidency, the Supreme Court vacancy (the President's "empathy" remark), Congressional hearings about the news industry, and of course, the White House Correspondents Association dinner, journalists dining with politicians, and the President and Vice President having a burger for lunch.

The next panel included Lois Romano and Lola Ogunnaike to discuss Elizabeth Edwards' book, Bristol Palin's interviews, and Miss California's photos.

Gideon Yago talked to Kurtz about the Al-Jazeera network not getting picked up by many cable providers and the shoe-throwing journalist.

Donna Brazile and Bill Bennett joined John King during the 11AM hour to discuss Gen. Petraeus' remarks about Pakistan and Afghanistan, VP Cheney's recent comments, the Republican party, and the White House Correspondent Association dinner.

In the CNN Diner segment, King spoke with three mothers at a diner in Los Angeles about the economy.

The political round table included: Ed Henry, Barbara Starr, Jill Dougherty. The topics included: Pakistan, President Zardari's comments regarding Bin Laden, and the White House Correspondent Association dinner (of course).

John King's second report on homelessness was an interview with another homeless single mother, Dina Acevedo. She lives at a hotel with her three daughters and is unable to work because of her immigration status.

The Last Word this morning went to a mother serving in Iraq at Camp Al Taqaddum Airbase, Marine Staff Sergeant Brandy Ovanek. King surprised her with having her family on the phone line.

John King talked about his trip to Los Angeles in this week's staff briefing:

The podcasts from Sunday are available at> has several clips of the red carpet arrivals that included some familiar CNN faces:

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