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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ratings for the Week of June 1, 2009

Ratings for the week June 1, 2009 - June 5, 2009

Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54

I was starting to thing that you wouldn't hear from at all this week - I've had nothing but technical difficulties of one kind or another for the past several days. Tonight's post was in peril of getting scrapped as well due to a power outage- but the lights came back on in the nick of time.

On to more important things... like last week's ratings... FOX is once again back on top sweeping all the time slots in the prime time hours with the most viewers in the Adults 24 - 54 demographic.

CNN flipped flopped all over the place. At 8PM, in spite of the return of Campbell Brown and a slight make over for the program, CNN remains in fourth place. At 9PM, they came in second three times and third twice which gave them a second place finish for the week. The 10PM hour was a different story... the week started off well with two second place rankings, but that was followed by one third place and then they wrapped up the week in fourth place on Thursday and Friday. Overall, the average for the week at 10PM put them behind HLN in third place.

MSNBC & HLN went back and forth during the 8PM hour for second and third places. The average for the week puts MSNBC ahead of HLN. During the 9PM, they came in third place behind CNN. At 10PM, they came in fourth.

As mentioned before, HLN took third place at 8PM. They remain in fourth place at 9PM. The 10PM hour put them in second place after coming in second place three days out of five.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

One ratings related article.... this one good news for CNN International: AME Info reports: EMS Middle East confirms CNN as #1 international TV news channel for the region.

Last Monday was Campbell Brown's first night back at the anchor desk since giving birth to her second son. On Tuesday night, she showed off a few pictures of both of her sons with Deborah Feyerick:

As a result of the previously mentioned technical difficulties, there is no Highlights from State of the Union this week, but I do have one John King related article for you from the Cleveland Jewish News: John King Live! at CJN event. In the article, King talks about the news industry and his decision to convert to Judaism.

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Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to shake things up.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to really do something. The numbers
for yesterday are on TV Newser and on a day with
braking news CNN came in at # 4. Even Wolf did
poorly at 5.I said it before and I will say it again.
RicK Sanchez should not be doing breaking news
with twitter.CNN even finished behind HLN.

The numbers for Dobbs and Brown are pitiful.
What does it take for CNN to see that people are
rejecting Dobbs and Brown. Their numbers on a
day with breaking news is just plain pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I hope CNN is planning to shake things up in
prime time come September like HLN. TVN has
some interesting numbers for the breaking news
on Weds. CNN was 3rd in the demo at 3pm.
Rick Sanchez should never do breaking news for
CNN. He does not have journalistic credibility.
I for one think Sanchez is a downer for TSR.
CNN needs to bring back Kyra and Don before
TSR. When there was breaking news, they had
numbers. Sanchez is just another bad hire by
Jon Klein.

Anonymous said...

CNN just has too much junk on the screen and
the air. Lou Dobbs ratings are down because
he is a port of the hate machine.It has been well
documented some of the comments made on CNN.
CNN helps fan the hatred of Obama by using the
same inflammatory language coming from the
right wing extremists. Until CNN rids itself of the
problems at the network they will continue heading
sooth when in comes to ratings.Klein brought in
Campbell Brown and Rick Sanchez, and decided
to elevate Lou Dobbs because of his explosive
rhetoric. Now will he admit his mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Campbell Brown will eventually
be reassigned and not have anchoring duties.
Look for Lou Dobbs to be dropped. AC360's
numbers are down but he is the top demo for
CNN.I also suspect that major changes will be
coming for CNN during the day and night.
Something tells me that management is on
thin ice as well. CNN needs to get it's news
mojo back. People have soured over CNN for
a reason and someone at the network needs
find out why and fix it sooner rather than
later. The deeper the hole the worse the

Anonymous said...

CNN is in trouble for focusing too much on
the Republicans. Look for CNN to have really
bad numbers again today because they think
people care about Sarah Palin. That is their
problem. Too much time spent on Limbaugh,
Gingrich and Palin. People who don't matter.
All Obama bashing all of the time is costing
them big time.I find myself watching HLN
more these days accept in prime time.I now
watch Current TV . Personally, I am sick of all
of the cable news channels for not doing news.

Anonymous said...

It is not just the numbers at 7 and 8 for CNN.
They will have to do something about Larry
King as well. The numbers are in for Thursday
and CNN is again in 4th according to TV by the
Numbers. FNC & MSNBC sees Jon Klein as the
gift that keeps giving. Where is the leadership?
Either someone is in denial or on the outs.

Anonymous said...

It has got to get better. Let's
hope it does not get any worse.

Anonymous said...

CNN has to make a decision about what they
want to be as a news organization. The sad part
is that CNN is not doing news, but neither are
FNC and MSNBC. At some point CNN has to do
more news and informative stories. People
want to know what is happening in the world
around there.I am with Jon Stewart CNN looks
desperate. CNN needs to get away from Twitter.
Good old fashion Journalism trumps everything.

Anonymous said...

Digg has an interesting item on Twitter/CNN.
It seems Twitter users are angry that CNN is
not covering Iran in depth. The original is on
News Junkie. Yet again proving that CNN has
no way how to use Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:11 there is a valuable lesson for CNN
here. People want serious news and information.
Look at how social media was used basically to
force the hand of a worldwide news organization.

Americans are counting on CXN to bring us this
story ,meaning the public does not expect Fox
or MSNBC ti be able to do serious news.

I must say I feel that CNN has rebounded after
a slow start. The lesson is listen to the people.
We want serious news.

Lets face it American journalism is not
considered to be that good. Somebody needs
to step up to the plate. There is a wide open
field here for CNN. Quite frankly, CNN really
should not blow this. Considering CNN has
the most resources and not even ABC,NBC
and CBS can tough CNN on this one.

Let's hope there is also serious discussion
about the possibility of bringing back an
hour of international on CNN Monday thru
Sunday.CNN viewers know how to use social
media to influence what they CNN covered.
The genie is out of the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Look for today to be another low for CNN in
prime time.At 8 both FNC and MSNBC lead with
Iran, how could it be anything else?
Just ask CNN.I will know longer watch CNN
at 8. They just don't get it. Jeff Bewekes save
on of the TV gems.

Danny said...

People are sick of CNN being cheerleaders for the Obama machine.This is why FOX NEWS dominates the ratings.Even the big three network news ratings are in shambles with record lows. Regardless of what Bill Maher thinks the American populance is not stupid. Americans want the truth and FOX delivers just that. This is why FOX dominates having more viewers than CNN, MSNBC & HLN combined