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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ratings for the week of June 15, 2009

Ratings for the week June 15, 2009 - June 19, 2009

Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54

The network that had the highest Adults 25 - 54 demographic all five nights during the 8PM, 9PM, and 10PM hours: FOX. And everyone else... MSNBC took second place during 8PM and 9PM after landing in second place four out of five nights during both time slots.

HLN came in third place during the 8PM hour with four third place finishes and one second place finish. At 9PM, they remain in fourth place.

CNN continued in fourth place during the 8PM timeslot. During the 9PM hour, CNN came in third place for the week after four third place finishes and one second place.

I left the 10PM ratings to last since the day to day ratings were all over the place. When all five days were averaged, CNN came in second for the week after coming in third place twice (Monday & Thursday), second place twice (Tuesday & Wednesday), and fourth place on Friday. Third place for the hour goes to MSNBC. They also came in second place twice (Monday & Thursday), third place twice (Wednesday & Friday) and fourth place on Tuesday. HLN follows behind in fourth place after coming in fouth three times (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday), and second place (Friday) and third place (Tuesday) once each.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

With HLN going with all women from 7-11
come September I wonder is this really spells
more trouble for CNN.I really think CNN should
do a all female anchored newscast with 3 or 4
of their female anchors and reporters in place
of Campbell Brown. Rotate the hosts and do a
fast paced recap of the big stories of the day.
I really think they should do a hip news show
with TJ Holmes and Erica Hill at 7 to replace
Lou Dobbs. Let it be an interesting mix of stories
from the news and the internet.CNN definitely
needs new blood in the lineup from 7-11.
I really don't understand why Brown has to
anchor 360 when Erica has filled in before.
If Campbell's numbers are lousy for her own
show why let her anchor 360. Sometimes I
really think that CNN is trying to ruin 360.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the numbers for yesterday lets hope
that the suits will let Erica Hill anchor 360 if AC
is not around. Keep Brown away from 360. It
defies logic to me that someone with ratings that
bad gets a replay on the weekends and anchors
360 when AC is away. Let's hope once Leno comes
to NBC in prime time CNN will make 360 live for
2 hours again and bring back the music and all
of the things that made 360 a really cool show.
I wonder if Brown is getting a free pass because
she is a huge mistake made by Klein and he has
to let her contract run out or be in big trouble
for such a huge blunder that will cost CNN

Anonymous said...

Well it is not doubt with the breaking news with
regards to Michael Jackson CNN needs to be live
all night long. Despite his problems he is a legend.
It is just such a shocker.

Anonymous said...

Wow the numbers are in for yesterday and CNN
is # 1. Maybe someone has finally figured out
that Campbell Brown should not be alone for
the hour, putting Anderson on for the 8 hour
was a huge plus for CNN. CNN had the best
coverage by far.I really loved the extend music
video clips. That is how I choose to remember
Michael Jackson. Let God handle the rest.

Anonymous said...

CNN had huge numbers for Michael Jackson because it played to its demographic 18-54, mostly those who actually grew up with Jackson. I really don't believe that this will be a lasting trend and
Fox is smart for doing it for one day only and then going right back to what works best for them. Greta did cover Jackson for a short time on her show on Friday but CNN's numbers will dive once the public has had enough Jackson 24/7.
Erica, try as she might, is no heavy weight. I know Brown is doing poorly, but it is a TOUGH hour and AC would do only slightly better opposite Bill O'Reilly. Right now he has NO live competition and this is the first time in months he's actually beaten Greta with the death of Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. HLN, are you watching???

Anonymous said...

To 9:25 AM: Poor idea to replace Erica with anybody. True, Dobbs has little appeal but he knows his stuff. She's mere fluff and it shows. TJ Holmes is good and Don Lemon is even better. Sorry, but it should never be "ladies night out," on CNN and I'm a lady.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is ruining 360, I'm sorry, it is Anderson himself. He is boring. Yes, he's great to look at and we love those ties and the blue eyes, but after that, what have you? Shallowness, that is beginning to show. CNN would do well to hire Shepard Smith away from Fox. He's sharp, handsome and not all that conservative...and he did a great job during Katrina and got very little credit for it.

Anonymous said...

Real soon someone will have to make a decision
about what the future is for Campbell Brown at
CNN.I think Klein is relying on history at MSNBC.
Olbermann usually falls apart at every network
that hires him, and right now even Daily Kos
thinks he went too fare with Mark Sanford.I
personally think this is another golden opportunity
for CNN. I am feeling the new look at MSNBC. I
do not like the color scheme or the banner at
the top. I think the crawl is CNN about couple
of years back. CNN definitely needs some new
shows.I have tried with State Of the Union,but
it is too long and boring and why is Reliable
Sources in the middle of the show.I really
think they should get rid of Your Money too.
Nobody cares about financial programs in
wake of what happened with Wall Street.
Perhaps an environmental/tech show to
air on weekends. But let's face it prime time
is a bigger problem for CNN.Dobbs is fast
and loose with the truth. Women can no
longer be ignored by CNN or the others.
I would rather see something fresh and
new for cable news than women hosting
crime shows. Only Rachel Maddow is
different. Women care about the news.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:44 you are way off the mark about
Cooper.CNN is in trouble for trying to be
like Fox. AC 360 is the best show for CNN
these days and it brings in millions for the
network.TV news is a business not who you
like or dislike.

Anonymous said...

"CNN is in trouble for trying to be like fox?"
Evidently, anon 3:33PM, you haven't been reading the NYT lately. CNN is in trouble for trying to be "moderate," and pleasing everyone and by that stance, pleasing no one.
Of course it is a business. Everyone knows that. But Cooper right now is costing them. According to the Times, which I assume knows more than we do, Campbell and AC are NOT performing as expected, and Cooper signed a multi-million dollar contract LAST YEAR WHEN RATINGS were up.
Everything is based on who you like and who you don't like. Get real....and if you want this referenced, try reading TVNewser.