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Monday, June 1, 2009


Sunday Nic Robertson visited with Don Lemon in the Atlanta NewsRoom. They discussed the whack-a-mole offensive going on now in Pakistan:

On Friday, Don spoke to Reza Sayah in Islamabad about the significance of the attacks this week in Lahore and Peshawar as well as the difficulties in fighting suicide bombers:

Also Friday, John King hosted The Situation Room and spoke with Fareed Zakaria about the bombing of one of the campaign offices of President Ahmadinejad in Zahedan, Iran:

As President Obama was preparing to host Palestinian President Abbas this week, Ben Wedeman gave us an overview of what the call for "settlement freezes" is all about. (Being able to actually SHOW the viewers these things is why CNN is the best at international coverage, period.) He also explains why a current Israeli development plan may effectively end the possibility of the two-state solution:

Finally, a lighter note... John King talks to Richard Quest about Prince Harry's trip to New York City and why the trip is so important for a young man whose image was badly in need of some growing-up:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

MONDAY (MEMORIAL DAY): Morgan Neill reported from Tokyo. TJ Holmes was in for John Roberts; Alina Cho was in for Kyra Phillips; Drew Griffin was in for Rick Sanchez; Suzanne Malveaux was in for Wolf Blitzer; Kitty Pilgrim was in for Lou Dobbs; Ryan Seacrest was in for Larry King (probably pre-taped last Friday). No Bias, No Bull was pre-empted for a replay of the "Time 100 Most Influential" special; Anderson Cooper 360 was pre-empted for replays of "Extreme Challenges: The Next 100 Days" and the "Time 100 Most Influential" specials.

TUESDAY: David Gergen was on from Wilmington, North Carolina. TJ was in for John Roberts; Alina was in for Kyra; John King was in for Anderson Cooper.

WEDNESDAY: Reza Sayah was on from Islamabad; Ed Henry was at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, where he was covering the president's trip; Ali Velshi was in Detroit covering the GM developments. A piece ran of Zain Verjee at the DMZ between North and South Korea, but it may have been filmed on her last trip there? TJ was in for John Roberts; Don Lemon was in for Kyra; John King was in for Anderson.

THURSDAY: Fred Pleitgen was on from London. Rob Marciano was in for John Roberts; Alina was in for Kiran Chetry; Don was in for Kyra; Kitty was in for Lou; John King was in for Anderson. Roland Martin subbed for Campbell Brown for the final time (for this maternity leave, anyway...). Cal Perry tweeted that he was wrapping up his rotation in Baghdad and heading back to Beirut; Phil Black will be covering the next rotation.

FRIDAY: John King was a guest on Ed Henry's radio show. No Bias, No Bull was pre-empted for a special from Ali Velshi and Christine Romans titled "How the Wheels Came Off." Rob was in for John Roberts; Alina was in for Kiran; Don was in for Kyra; John King was in for Wolf; Kitty was in for Lou; Joy Behar was in for Larry King; John King was in for Anderson, completing today's trifecta and making him an official Ironman of CNN Domestic!

SATURDAY: all quiet.

SUNDAY: Nic Robertson was in Atlanta; Ali was in Toronto (above).

That's it for me today. See you Thursday!

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