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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Runs Iran?

The election turmoil in Iran continues to dominate the news this week, and I have been trying to pull some clips that explain what is happening as far as the political realities within the country.

Tuesday, Ivan Watson (in Istanbul) filed a report explaining what the Guardian Council is and why they are important in this process. Afterwards, Tony Harris asks him questions regarding the various factions of protesters:

Later, the same report airs on The Situation Room, followed by a different comment from Ivan. Then, Wolf Blitzer does a brief bio of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

Tuesday night on AC360, Anderson Cooper hosts a three-way discussion with Christiane Amanpour, Reza Aslan, and political scientist Kaveh Afrasiabi:

On Wednesday's NewsRoom, Heidi Collins spoke with Reza about the future stability of Iran -- how will things change because of what is happening now? However this resolves, things have changed, spurred especially by the technology of the internet and social networking sites:

Today on American Morning, John Roberts talked with Middle Eastern scholar Fawaz Gerges about the power structure inside Iran:

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Anonymous said...

CNN has been doing amazing reporting this
morning on the Iranian election fallout.TJ and
Betty are doing a great job this morning and
I have been glued to the television.A couple
of weeks ago I posted a project I have been
working on called Cable News 3.0.It is a way
to broaden the journalism spectrum for these
times.It is simple for CNN. Anderson Cooper
once traveled the world with his camera in tow
bringing us the world. Fast forward to 2009
and it is how many Americans live these days.
Millions of people have cameras. It could be
on a cell phone, video or digital camera.
You just come home and upload to Youtube,
Facebook or whatever.CNN needs to have a
social media/tech/internet czar and have this
person put together an amazing news gathering
team.I really hope that CNN revamps and gets
back to being a 24/7 news channel. Forget
about FNC and MSNBC come up with something
that's unique and different for CNN. Please CNN
stick with this story all day long and do not go
to taped programming.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be live with news from Iran and
not leave this story the entire weekend. Go Team
CNN. I wonder if the big names will be coming
in in prime time. Everyone involved is doing a
really great job. From Fredericka,Christiane,
Josh and Ivan , Betty and TJ and the people
behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching CNN's coverage for about
3 hours now. This is why I love CNN.MSNBC is
not following the story live so it is between CNN
and FNC.I think that is a problem for MSNBC and
why CNN will always be needed.

Anonymous said...

CNN better go back to live coverage after
Amanpour's special. Shep is now on Fox
and he says he is in for hours of coverage.

Anonymous said...

Every time I think CNN might be getting it's act
together they blow it big time. Who made the
dumb decision to go to Money and Main St.
That is exactly why CNN is in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone at CNN know that Money & Main
ST has outdated information on Iran. The show
should not be airing on CNN for that reason
alone. This needs to be the last time we see

Anonymous said...

CNN had better implore the services of Tim
Armstrong to help CNN build an aggregated
news site. Yes he was hired for AOL but this
could be a real big game changer for CNN &

One thing CNN has to keep pointing out is that
Iran is really ran by the clerics and stop giving
to much credit to the noise from the Republicans
on this one. This is not a politically based story.
You are talking about a country that we have
no relationship with and I think they should
also ask if President Obama is why Iranians
are out protesting and having their say.Obama
went to that region with a major speech in
Cairo. This is not about the United States.
Old media needs to really start to distance
itself from the political mindset and go with
the actual story that is unfolding.

Anon 10:28 if CNN does go into social
networking Josh Levs had better be a part
of the team if not the head of it.I love how
he brings it all together and keeps things
tightly focused on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I must say the Iran coverage this weekend
is just outstanding. The Neda story has just
brought tears to my eyes.I just hope that CNN
will at least give us one hour of international
news Monday-Sunday.I don't know the time
but we really need world news.

Tehran Calling said...

The three-way interview with Amanpour, Aslan, and Afrasiabi was very interesting, but Kaveh Afrasiabi comes across as a shill for the Iranian government. I've seen him on a local t.v. show and he sounds terribly uninformed and biased. Not sure why he gets air time at all.

Aslan sounded intelligent, and Amanpour is always spot-on.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are in for Friday on TVN and it
is not good.CNN needs to lose the Twitter hour
because it does not work with breaking news.
Secondly, Sanchez,Dobbs and Brown should not
'be doing breaking news. Their ratings continue
downward. June might actually turn out to be
worst than May.At some point some one had
better fix this.I am so sick of the pundits on
Iraq. Talk to people who know what they are
talking about.I could care less about the talk
from the pundits and CNN calling things a
debate.Fix CNN already.

Anonymous said...

Watched Christiane's special this weekend. Utterly fascinating. She knows Iran better than any other reporter today, and her analysis is always worth tuning in for. Go Christiane!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41 I could not agree more.
Christiane, Don Lemon Fredericka,
TJ, Betty, Ivan Watson and Josh Levs
were great this weekend. I am looking
forward to this weekends numbers.