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Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Harm's Way

Nic Robertson did a piece about the Taliban recruiting and training children in Pakistan as killers and suicide bombers, then selling them to various other groups. The report aired on International Tuesday morning, during one of those lovely times recently that we were getting the International feed on Domestic during the overnight hours:

Wednesday, Rick Sanchez had a long piece about the troops in Afghanistan. He ran some DoD footage of the troops (and he did it without chattering over it, which was great -- too many anchors think we need wall-to-wall narration!) and then spoke with Atia Abawi, who is embedded with the Marines:

Reza Aslan was on American Morning Wednesday to talk about the situation in Iran:

Protests in Iran are erupting again today and once again we are getting word only through cell-phone videos and and Twitter messages. It is amazing to see all of this happening. It could so easily have been swept under the rug, but ... "can't stop the signal." The world IS watching.

Today on NewsRoom, Ali Velshi spoke with Michael Ware about the "surge" in violence in Iraq. Michael points out that it ain't a surge, it's just daily life in Baghdad... and Ali is smart enough to point out that the graphic they are using is wrong:

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MWmcFan said...

Thanks so much Cyn for posting the important international news which we are in much need of.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what other countries think of our need to constantly immortalize cultural figures, who in actually,really are not all that very important in changing the outcome of history. Our priorities, in the United States are often far different from third world countries, who have much less, and look to us for guidance and financial well being.

judy said...

I just happened to catch Greta on opposite 360, since AC went to Africa, and she was lecturing somone of no prominence about Sally Quinn of Washington Post fame, and wife of none other than former Editor, Ben Bradley. Why? She happened to be defending Sarah Palin, and chastising Ms Quinn for writing a somewhat derogatory piece about her quitting in the middle of her term. Now we all know Greta, just "loves" Sarah, and perhaps, Todd even more, but I digress. What made this particually interesting was she didn't seem to care one way or the other that CNN had taken a big chunk of her audience this entire week by reporting on Michael Jackson. She had her agenda and went on and on about the "liberal media," and how "they" drove poor Sarah out of office and Ms. Quinn was just another example of the total lack of respect shown her idol.
I found this fascinating to watch, because I know she has a loyal following and every now and again want to know just why. I found out.
She doesn't have to leave home or go to Africa, to have viewers. She can just rant about an unqualified public servant and pretend this "soccer mom" was worth the effort, and people will watch. Amazing.