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Monday, July 27, 2009

Iraq, Afghanistan, and a trial in Brussels

Arwa Damon sat down with General David Petraeus to discuss the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also does a live update on the situation in Kurdistan, where elections were happening Saturday:

Friday, Michael Ware did a report on AC360 about the Afghan warlord who is currently holding an American soldier hostage:

Nic Robertson was in Brussels on Thursday to report on a trial there of members of a terror cell and specifically the testimony of an American suspected of aiding al Qaeda to plan attacks in the US and taking part in an attack on a military base in Afghanistan:

Ivan Watson is still with the Marines in Helmand, and in this report from Friday he reports on an attack by the Taliban that killed one American, and a trip to a local bazaar that is deserted due to the fighting:

Saturday, Ivan reports on a series of coordinated attacks by the Taliban on a number of government offices throughout Afghanistan:

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Where in the World...?

MONDAY: Michael Ware is in New York (above) as is Reza Sayah. John Roberts was in for Campbell Brown; John King was in for Anderson Cooper.

TUESDAY: John Roberts was in for Campbell; John King was in for Anderson.

WEDNESDAY: Soledad O'Brien hosted Moment of Truth live from Times Square (in place of Lou Dobbs Tonight); Black in America 2 premiered in place of Campbell's program; Larry King Live was pre-empted for the presidential press conference; Black in America 2 continued during what would normally be the first hour of AC360, which aired live in its second hour.

THURSDAY: Ed Henry was in Cleveland.

FRIDAY: Don Lemon and TJ Holmes were in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Nic Robertson was in Brussels, Belgium; Karl Penhaul was at the Honduras/Nicaragua border; Rick Sanchez was in New York for his program and also filled in for Campbell; Dr. Drew filled in for Larry King.

SATURDAY: TJ was back in Atlanta; Brooke Baldwin filled in for Betty Nguyen.

SUNDAY: Brooke filled in for Betty.

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