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Thursday, July 30, 2009

War and ... Peace?

Last week, Peter Bergen appeared on American Morning to discuss the Taliban's proof-of-life tape of PFC Bowe Bergdahl, as well as the overall status of the war in Afghanistan:

Friday, John Roberts spoke with The New York Times' Roger Cohen, who did such remarkable reporting during the Iran protests immediately following the election:

Monday, Arwa Damon had a report about the new ways that American troops are working with the Iraqi forces:

Nic Robertson reports from London on the status of British forces in Afghanistan and the possibilities of talking with the more moderate Taliban leaders:

Another report from Ivan Watson, with the Marines in Helmand Province in Afghanistan -- how to avoid the IEDs that have now become common in this war:

Friday, Cal Perry reported from Beirut on the latest in shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East:

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