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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warnings, bombings, and football

Stan Grant is currently doing a stint in Islamabad, and yesterday he reported on the recorded message from Zawahiri that calls on the Pakistani people to support the Taliban and fight against the Americans:

I really hadn't planned to turn my posts into Almost-All-Things Michael Ware, but recent weeks have had so much saturation-coverage of first Michael Jackson's death and now the Sotomayor confirmation hearings that it has been tough to get much else ... luckily for me, Michael has been working like a stevedore throughout all this and I have had a lot of clips to utilize! So ... from last night's AC360, here is Michael's piece about the bombings of Baghdad churches:

But it hasn't all been grim coverage in Baghdad. Monday night the Iraqi soccer team played its first home match since before the war began, and Michael was there to cover it:

And on International's BackStory, a look at the filming of the match coverage:

See you next week.

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MWmcFan said...

Thank you for the Almost-All-Things Michael Ware post and for Stan's clip too! Mick has done some incredible reporting during the last several weeks in Iraq and also his exclusive about Pakistan.
Looks like we will be getting reports from Arwa now in Baghdad, looking forward for that.

Anonymous said...

John Kings tribute to Walter Cronkite was very touching on both LKL and 360. Both shows were well done and made a fine retrospective of Cronkite's life. We really don't trust anyone in the press to that extent anymore.