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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Forgotten" Wars: New and Old

Monday on The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer ran a piece by ITN reporter Nick Paton-Walsh, who recently spent time with American troops at a remote outpost near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. While returning from a patrol with Afghan and Latvian (NATO) forces, they were hit by an ambush but kept the cameras rolling:

(I love how honest the soldiers are about why they are there.)

Wednesday, Ivan Watson followed a truckload of ballot boxes into Bamiayn province, considered one of the safer regions in the country... but they still needed a heavily armed escort:

Rick Sanchez spoke with Atia Abawi about what it was like to attend a political rally in such dangerous conditions. Yes, he really does call her a "tough cookie":

Wednesday morning, Kiran Chetry spoke with Peter Bergen Tuesday about the tactics the Taliban were expected to utilize to keep Afghans from voting. Peter points out that violence in Iraq is still four times worse than that in Afghanistan -- Iraq has now become "the forgotten war" as the world media turns its attention back to the country we should have been dealing with all along:

And Wednesday evening, Campbell Brown spoke with Michael Ware about Afghanistan and Iraq and the problems in both countries:

So what's going on in Iraq? Arwa Damon shows us the aftermath of the deadliest day of the year:

And in case anyone's forgotten how bad it was, Arwa tours one of al Qaeda in Iraq's old bunkers, filled with evedince of torture and execution. Very grim stuff and very hard to watch:

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Mavis said...

Thanks Cyn, as always, for a great post.