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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Famine in Kenya

Hello from beautiful LA! Had a very ... interesting ... week moving, but all is well now. I missed several days of recording, but I have grabbed a couple clips from to share.

David McKenzie reported today on the situation in Kenya, where aid agencies cannot keep up with the need for food:

Prior to finishing her rotation in Baghdad, Arwa Damon filmed a report about an Iraqi woman on death row:

So yesterday I got the TiVos fired up, and Suzanne Malveaux did a report on Laura Ling and Euna Lee's capture at the North Korean border, as reported in the LATimes. Following that, she spoke with Cal Perry (who had just arrived in Baghdad) about how reporters stay safe while in war zones:

Finally, Michael Ware was on AC360 last night, reporting from Afghanistan:

Next week AC360 will be live from Afghanistan all week. Here is the promo currently running:

More on Monday! If you're in the US, have a great holiday weekend!

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MWmcFan said...

Glad you're back in California Cyn. Great post! Cal's piece was very informative and it's great to see Micheal reporting from Afghanistan again. Looking forward to seeing more of his reports next week.

Anonymous said...

Arwa Damon is an inspiration. She stays in foreign countries without blinking an eye, under the most brutal circumstances, and never seeks publicity, the way others in her field have been known to do. She just does her job and doesn't need the lime light to justify her being. She should be honored in some way by CNN.

Mavis said...

Hello from LA. How beautiful!