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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ratings for September 7 - 11, 2009

Ratings for the week September 7, 2009 - September 11, 2009

Adults 25-54
FOX818,750 1
CNN179,250 1
MSNBC434,667 2
Adults 25-54
MSNBC331,333 2
Adults 25-54
FOX707,000 1
MSNBC337,500 1

FOX won all of the prime time slots Monday - Friday and comes in first in all of the prime time weekly averages.

CNN once again came in fourth place in the Adults 25 - 54 demographic during the 8PM hour after four nights in fourth place and one night in second place (Wednesday night which is excluded from the four night average). At 9PM, they came in second place after three third place and two second place finishes. CNN sank to third place at 10PM after three third place and two fourth place finishes.

MSNBC came in second for the week at at 8PM after four second place and one third place finish (Monday's second place and Wednesday's third place finish are excluded from the average). For the 9PM hour, they placed third with three second place (Monday night excluded) and two third place finishes (Wednesday night excluded). At 10PM, MSNBC rose to second place for the week after four second place finishes (Monday night excluded) and one fourth place finish.

HLN came in third place after four third place finishes and one four place finish at 8PM. During the 9PM hour, they came in fourth place all five nights. At 10PM, they also came in fourth place after one second place finish, two third place finishes, and two fourth place finishes.

1 4 night average used. FOX & CNN at 8PM - Wednesday night President's Prime Time Speech; FOX at 10PM - Friday night special programming; MSNBC at 10PM - Monday night special programming

2 3 night average used. MSNBC at 8PM & 9PM - Monday night special programming at 8PM and 9PM. Wednesday night Presidential speech at 8PM and Olbermann at 9PM.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Fox won all prime time slots for a reason. They weren't in Afghanistan. We're in the mist of a struggle here at home in case CNN hadn't noticed. The "Taking Back America," campaign is still on even though the little instigator herself Sarah Palin, is gone. Racist rants in the form of town hall meetings and marches in the street with wicked hateful signs of dissent persist and where is Anderson Cooper? Looking for dissent in far off lands. Someone should tell him to go to DC and look out the window. Maybe that would bring his ratings up with the rest of the CNN line up.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to knock it off with all of the talking
heads. I sick of the Campbell Brown yapfest and
what is with 360 and the Tea Party.CNN is not
Fox and that is why they are losing viewers.

Anonymous said...

Until CNN comes up with leadership, the network
is in trouble. Thee is no focus or direction at
CNN these days. The on air product is bad &
plain lame.CNN blew it and the ratings started
heading down when they focused on the town hall
junk. Most Americans are likely turned off by that.
They coverage of health care is just plain bad and
does not focus on the real issues.I know people
right now who will not watch CNN because of Lou
Dobbs and the feeling that the network is giving
too much airtime to the tea party.CNN needs to
get back in the news and info biz before it is
too late. Most people do not care for politics in
news and a recent media survey shows this.
The network that comes up with new and
different ways to cover the news other than left
or right, or pro and con with talking heads,
you are not advancing the ball and it only
appeals to political partisans. What about
the rest of us? I think once Behar joins the
HLN lineup CNN will be number 4.CNN has
to fix the 5,6,7 and 8 hours and come
up with more shows for the weekend.
You can be sure changes are coming, either
in programming or management. Jim Walton
has been with CNN since the beginning.I know
he can not be pleased with what is going on.
You have to give people a reason to watch.
If I can figure out what is going to happen
before it ends I will turn the channel.

Anonymous said...

Fox News should be ashamed of itself for making CNN and other news outlets defend their reporting the tea parties on 9/12. Isn't it enough that they have been leading since the beginning of the year and their viewership remains in the millions and peaking? Now CNN has an attack add accusing THEM of distortion of facts. While this is certainly true, both networks are acting like second graders. CNN is at the disadvantage because not only are they on the defensive, they probably deserve what they're getting. Wasn't it too long ago, that they reportedly kept saying they were #1 for something like 8 years and counting. Who was distorting the facts then?? Please Fox and CNN, grow up and stop this nonsense of who did what first. Your job is to report the truth and both of you, "stop making stuff up."

Anonymous said...

This whole CNN vs FNC is just plain stupid.
Do people really pay attention to ads from
news outlets. Frankly, I think CNN is being
punked. They are spending time talking
about this and the ratings show viewers did
not care for CNN's tea party coverage. Why
go there? As the month of September winds
down. it is clear CNN has another month of
declining numbers.