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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ratings September 21 - September 25, 2009

Ratings for the week September 21, 2009 - September 25, 2009

Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54

This week we see a change in the 8PM ratings. FOX had the highest average for the week in the Adults 25 - 54 demographic. HLN came in second, MSNBC third, and CNN in fourth.

The 9PM hour is also different from last week: FOX came in first after sweeping the time slot all five days. CNN came in second after four second place finishes and one third place finish (Tuesday). MSNBC followed behind in third place after one second place finish (Tuesday), three third place finishes, and one fourth place finish (Friday). HLN came in fourth place after four fourth place finishes and one third place finish (Friday).

And finally, the 10PM hour and again we see a different ranking from last week. FOX came in first followed by CNN in second place after coming in second three times, third place once (Friday), and fourth place one (Monday). HLN came in third place after coming in second place once (Friday), third place twice (Monday & Wednesday) and fourth place twice. MSNBC trailed behind in fourth place after coming in second once (Monday), third twice (Tuesday & Friday) and fourth place twice.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine why CNN has a space provided for Contact Us, for varied suggestions and when we do, they don't listen. Not only don't they listen, they fail to even put the suggestions on the 360blog.
And speaking of the 360 blog, what's with the same people getting on all the time and holding others in endless moderation? If you were first all the time, then perhaps I could understand the attitude, but when your audience tells you what THEY WANT, duh, it should mean something.

Anonymous said...

I an upset that 360 did not lead with
the tsunami last night.I am so over the
talking heads. Can people get some news?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:25 I agree about the pundits on
360. It seems as though they are trying to
move them from Brown to Anderson.CNN
needs some house cleaning. No more Sanchez,
Dobbs or Brown, they are making CNN a
laughing stock. Something is wrong when
a real journalist like John Roberts gets the
am shift and a joke like Rick Sanchez gets
an hour to see how many times he can show
his face, even after the CNN logo,Whoever made
that decision should be fired like right now.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that CNN is symbolic of
a news mess these days. Unless you are
shouting,sleeping with your students,
a murderer or molester of a taking head
or celebrity they news will not cover it.
Which means the public no long is of
interest to the MSM.

Anonymous said...

The numbers don't look to hot for CNN this
week according to TV by the Numbers.CNN
just has become to annoying and not very
good these days.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to hear another word about Roman Polanski. For the fourth day this week and part of last we have dissected this old tiresome, tale of long ago on 360. He WAS important and perhaps to those in Holywood, still is, but here, in reality land, let's keep it real...and whatever happened to Kay Jones? Is she still overseeing any of these sites? We yearn for her input. At least we knew she HAD to read what we wrote.

Anonymous said...

I do not get 360 lately either. Why was
Carville and Bennett on last night ?
Come on Anderson you are a better
journalist than that.

Anonymous said...

Finally , a good 360 last night. Keep doing
shows like last nights.I think the 360 blog
should permit people to join as a group and
submit items. A Facebook for new and info.
I am of the mindset that viewers should be
offered the opportunity to submit legitimate
news stories and interesting items. But please
not political, there are numerous blog out there
for that. Have a breakthrough just like the CNN
I-phone app. People want access to good info
and interesting stuff. Now that Michael Ware is
now based in NY, I hope he has a permanent
role on 360, going to places around the world
that nobody will dare go for a story.i am also
starting to wonder how much control the 360
team actually have with regards to the show
and the items covered daily.I am wondering
if Jon Klein is micro-managing things and
that is why everything seems to be the same
and individual shows don't have their own
identities.I agree with the twitter dumb hour.
It is a bad idea and just does not work on
live tv. Twitter works when it is focused on
huge events and other venues.

Anonymous said...

Someone must tell Jon Klein that no one is interested in naming and nominating heroes. Does he actually look at TVNewser ratings?? Every media outlet does so it is disturbing to me that he just ignores public sentiment. The first Heroes show was a novelty, the second was less so and by now, no one cares. Really. After AC does his intro and we all see what he's wearing, if it's the same tie as last year, sorry I'll change the channel. By the time we get to the performers, half the audience is ready to exit. No wonder it's scheduled the day before Thanksgiving. If he didn't schedule it at all we'd at least have something to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like the idea of heroes.
It is ordinary people in the news.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be original and stand out
from the rest of MSM and cable news. Stop
getting story ideas from talk radio and blogs.
Actually let CNN employees hit the streets
in America and around the world. Give me
something I can not get anywhere else.

How is it that a 24/7 news network is on live
from 6 i n the morning until 11 at night and
they have to do a crawl ? CNN and others in the
main stream of media need to understand
people want access to information lots of it
because you need this in a 21st century world.

I have no problem with CNN doing important
stories and original program that does not
bring in huge ratings. Just because something
does not garner huge numbers does not mean
it is not important. Why are journalists being
painted in a box and only assigned mindless
chatter and noise.

The CNN app is a success because it gives
people what they want a sense of empower-
ment to obtain information that you care
about anytime and anyplace..

I must admit today I saw a couple of things
that means someone at CNN is thinking.
Josh Levs now has a graphic with music
for his segments. Once I hear that I know
he is coming on the air. Also, HLN has been
airing something called My City, My Secret
with a football player for Cincy was featured
giving us his favorite places in the city.
Now can we get that with cities from around
the world. The Eco Solutions and Cutting
Edge seem to follow a similar format. I
would also like the mini doc format used
for Heroes to be done on a daily basis
with ordinary stories as well and if you can
mix in music. I think that is one reason why
Nightline is thriving these days. The program

Anonymous said...

I think the way CNN looks on air is a part of the
problem : too too too much clutter on the screen
interferes with the picture all of the time.HLN has
it best when it comes to banners but FNC is ahead
of the game by going letterbox. People like the
theatre experience in their homes that is why
you buy expensive LED tv's and audio systems.
I cannot watch American Morning because for
HD viewers weather is on both sides of the screen
and it looks really bad. People go with the big
screen for more video not less.So why is CNN shooting off of a monitor crazy. Maybe if
weather is just on one side that would help.
Less is better. Morning Meeting on MSNBC
has the best look with regards to camera
movements and video. For some strange
reason it works when that shoot what is on
the desk where the anchor is sitting. Also,
they sometimes come out of the video by
shooting off of monitor but pan over to the
anchor desk.I must say under previous
management the Twitter hour would never
have made it to air. A network of CNN's
stature should never put something that
bad on the air. I find it interesting that
Amanpour will have a special one day this
week at 3.It is the most narcissistic show.
Sanchez seems like he will do anything for
attention. The show looks dumb and petty.
I would like for CNN to bring back the noon
international hour. World news is all but
missing form news channels with the ex-
ception of BBC, which is working on an
app for FaceBook. BBC is becoming very
popular with 18-49 year olds who need
information and real journalism.I think
most people 50 and under are not as
ideological a people 50 plus. David Brooks
had a great column on this last week.
Simply put American cable news has become
lazy and if they are not careful they will
end up like the music industry and newspapers.
We are a nation of 300 million people aiming
for fringe of viewers from the left
and right does not make good business
sense these days. You have to make shows
with mass appeal that does not turn off
majority of the American public.I think at
this point any changes won't happen until
2010. Two people I will be watching will
be Erica Hill and TJ Holmes. When she
anchored 360 her numbers topped Campbell.
TJ has been filling in on American Morning.
I wish the am weekend team was on more
doing the week.TJ, Betty and Reynolds have
great chemistry throw in Jack Gray and
Keep John Roberts and that could be a winning
formula for the morning.Roberts is a respected
journalist and you need that all of the others
are up and coming.I would like to see Kiran
and all of the women at CNN become a part
of a news program at 8 anchored by all
of the women at CNN and CNN International.
Have a central host but every week rotate
the talent. Create a great mix of news and
interesting items:Kate Bouldan had a great
piece this week on woman going through a
program in DC to become involved in the
construction field, But please nothing like
the view that is why I can not watch Joy on
HLN.CNN please stop shouting at me in my
own home and telling me that I am angry
and how I feel about things. I don't recall
talking to you about anything. A recent Pew
study shows CNN had better move away from
politically-centered news.It just does not
apply to modern society. Everyone has their
own camera and knows how to upload on
Youtube and can become a cewebity.
I can find more interesting news on Digg
a lot of times.

Anonymous said...

CNN International makes CNN domestic look like
amateur low grade journalism. Maybe Amanpour
coming on before TSR daily could be a good thing.

I am currently watching the show and it is amazing
the reporting from Somalia by the Sudanese journo
who is reporting for CNN.

I am not sure why CNN International is not on
DirecTV or Dish. It is on Fois and other cable
systems around the country.

Anonymous said...

Current has the best look on television and
the best stories nobody is even close to Current.
Current does not have annoying people or tell
you what to think. They just run something and
let is speak for itself. Current does not insult
my intelligence.

Anonymous said...

@8:26am Enough with "ordinary people" in the news. Nothing is as uninteresting as ordinary people. Just the word ordinary means having no distinction what so ever.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, CNN once rivaled the BBC when it came
to the best journalism in the world.I am not
sure what CNN is these days.