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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AC360 Talks with Musharraf

Anderson Cooper is scheduled to do an interview with former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf that will air on AC360 at 11 PM ET on Wednesday evening. In promoting the interview Cooper said he'll discuss how "Musharraf views the Taliban and Al-Qaeda as his country comes under increasing scrutiny from the White House and under increasing attacks from their own Taliban". That's Wednesday at 11PM on AC360.

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Anonymous said...

It is good that Cooper is talking with the
former president of Pakistan.I think 360
needs more of this and not the talking heads.
Last night would have been fine had not
the pundits made an appearance to talk about
Afghanistan after Michael Ware. The pundits
have no value and add nothing to the topics.
I have also tired of CNN saying people are
outraged.CNN did not talk to me so knock
it off. Just give us the news I can make up
my own mind why does American news need
points of view.It is timely for Anderson to do
this interview because the Pakistani military
is talking it to the Taliban. I am with Turner
give us more news.He is something for CNN
and other news outlets to consider. Not
everyone on Wall Street caused the problem.
In fact it was likely the hedge fund guys. In
a global economy you have to pay to keep
the best unless you want to go to China or
Europe to kick your behind. America needs
to keep the best not lose them to other

Anonymous said...

Good for Lou Dobbs and Campbell Brown: They've both pulled out in front of CNN's "star" Cooper in totals.....and since Dobbs has declared himself and independent his ratings have increased. Gee, has Mr. Cooper lost his mojo??
Of course all ratings references are from the source: TVNewser. Quite certain Cooper's "big get," will be rerun the following day because he never beats reruns of O'Reilly at 11PM.

Anonymous said...

While CNN was busy promoting Anderson Cooper's interview with Musharraff, all we got on 360 was a preview that would be shown the following night, which would be Thursday. What gives? Did they decide in haste to promote Soledad's special, running for the second night on Thursday and use that allotted time instead?

Anonymous said...

What gives is Jon Klein. He is micro-managing
all the shows and ruining everything. Previous
management understood they had an original
news program with 360. Since Campbell Brown
failed with a political show Klein is trying to
move the politics to 360.CNN seems to have
lost i;t''s news compass. They seem to think
crazy statements are news stories. The only
thing that will save the network is new bosses.
Due to the economy he has to hold on to Dobbs
and Brown instead of dropping them. The
problem is that CNN is going lower and lower.
Viewers want CNN to news because we sure
don't like the junk that CNN is choosing to
air. Klein will go down eventually.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what is up with 360 these days.
On the website CNN says it is a fast paced news
show. Funny I do not see that when watching.
Last night's show was awful. Thank goodness
for Rachel Maddow, who now has the only
intelligent news show in prime time.360 stinks.

Anonymous said...

@7:43PM: I agree with you, but when I bring up the fact that at times, not always, it might have something to do with not only the management but the anchor, I in turn get nasty e-mails. Sometimes the anchor is, I hate to say this, childish. He keeps playing the Heene balloon segment repeatedly, add that to the lack of content and what do you have? A Big Waste of Time. I was told to change the channel. I will follow millions who already have.