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Friday, October 23, 2009 to Roll Out New Look

The new, launches on Monday, Oct. 26. Through a full-scale redesign, the new is uncluttered, visually bold and promises it will dramatically improve the consumer experience. In addition to showcasing CNN’s in-depth reporting, the site includes the launch of new features that make it easier to browse and navigate, as well as a new opinion section, more integrated video and stunning photography. Adding new voices and a range of perspectives to, the site will also feature deep content partnerships with, TED, People and EW magazines.
“This is a total reimagining of, and we are extremely excited about unveiling it to the world,” said KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of “ has always been a destination for breaking news but the breadth and depth of the new site will give users a fresh new way to experience CNN’s content.”

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Anonymous said...

I never use the CNN website. I used to, before they revamped it into this new/old one, but soon lost interest. So, wait, don't tell me, they're going to make the website as bad as the channel. Got it....all gossip all the time. Great!

Anonymous said...

This is a huge mistake. CNN is officially no
longer about news. If it is any thing like the
crap with Rick Sanchez tonight it will be a
complete failure.RIP CNN unless Ted Turner
comes back to save the network. Anon 7:18
I am with you on CNN making the website as
bad as the channel. Instead of opinion how
about original reporting from the reporters,
photojournalists and others who are in the
news biz. Get a clue CNN it is about content,
information and news .

Anonymous said...

CNN just does not get it period. People use
social media to connect with others and for
information. Nobody wants to hook up with
talking heads. The media is always the last
to figure things out.CNN needs to wake up
and realize that people are so over politics
ruling the news. People want a free and an
independent press. That means on ideology.

Anonymous said...

The wonderkind of book sellers, Oprah, is promoting her latest chosen title about African children and the atrocites they have lived through, through her own website and that of CNN's Anderson Cooper. Cooper has great knowledge about Africa, but if people really had an interest in the book she is trying to promote, they would've bought it already.

Anonymous said...

Some elements are currently available today.
I guess more is coming on Monday.I need
more because I am not noticing much of
a change.

Anonymous said...

@6:55PM: I'm with you. Except for AC's tour and what's popular, I don't see what all the fuss is about. It reminds me of the first where AC gave us a guided tour of his blog page and then he stopped blogging.
I know a lot of people get their news on the internet. But why would you watch a simulcast like Oprah's on a small 17" when you could watch on a larger screen on a regular HD???