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Monday, October 19, 2009

John King Visiting Main Street

CNN's John King was quoted in an article by Salena Zito on Here's an excerpt:

That's not so different from how anyone who lives 15 minutes outside of Washington, D.C., feels about those who govern their lives and deliver their news.

"Absolutely," agrees John King, CNN's "State of the Union" host and chief national correspondent.

King spends considerable time outside of Washington's beltway, reporting the news. He says he's a better reporter because he's gotten to know the real feelings of people not tied to Washington or New York.

In fact, he uses the people he has met along the way as sources when a new political or policy debate hits the fan.

King said he learned early that Congress's health-care legislation was generating serious concerns about costs and spending, even among strident supporters of the president and health-care reform.

"If I was a hostage to Washington, I probably would not have received that kind of feedback," said King, fresh from a visit to Alaska.

... to continue reading The Gap Between Main Street and the Elites.

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