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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Ware talks about Baghdad bombings

Michael Ware appeared on International three times yesterday to talk about Monday's twin suicide bombings in Baghdad and the overall situation in Iraq. For some reason, Domestic has not had him on, but the clips from International are available on my site:

World Report (w/Jonathan Mann)
World Report (w/Jim Clancy)
International Desk (w/Isha Sesay)

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maxie1218 said...

I am so happy this was posted...I have been waiting to hear from Mick with respect to Iraq and I can't believe CNN Domestic has not had him on...I just don't understand what is going on with the Domestic feed...It takes a massive bombing to get Iraq on the news and even then, we just get a few ground reports and not much analysis...I know they are doing a lot of coverage on Afghanistan but they should not drop the ball on Iraq...CNNI, on the other hand, has had some great programming (Backstory comes to mind)...They have a lot of reports from hotspots all over the world and it doesn't take a massive bombing for coverage...If I want to listen to talking heads argue and reports on the MJ movie, I will turn to FOX news...

At this point, I would be happy for CNN Domestic to go away and just get the CNNI feed...Unfortunately for many of us in the U.S., CNNI is not part of their satellite or cable feeds.

Anonymous said...

@maxie: You are right. At one time CNNI used to broadcast here on the East coast right around noon till the one pm hour and when Klein came on board, away it went. Another "really smart move" on his part. I used to listen just to hear the different dialogues and accents. At least it made CNN stand apart from the other cable organizations.