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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A milestone in Afghanistan

With the Afghan war marking its eight-year anniversary this week, Frederik Pleitgen went on a training exercise where German troops try to instruct members of the Afghan army on how to work together to take a defended position. It definitely gives you a sense of how much of an uphill battle (pardon the pun) the NATO troops are facing:

Over the weekend, Atia Abawi reported on one of the deadliest attacks on Americans in the entire war:

Yesterday, Atia gave an overview of the mission so far:

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Dan Rivers with a follow-up on the devastation in Indonesia after the earthquakes of last week. The search for survivors has been called off, and although schools are re-opening, the losses are horrific:

Arwa Damon tours what was once a busy market. The ceiling collapsed in an instant, burying untold numbers of people:

That's it for this week...

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Anonymous said...

Do you guys know anything about a series
called Americana? I saw it on
Tom Foreman introduced stories shot by
photojournalists at CNN.It was good stuff,
only I felt all of the pieces should have music.
When does this air on CNN?