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Monday, October 12, 2009

Teargassed in Istanbul

Ivan Watson wins the ToughGuyJourno award for getting tear gassed while covering the ongoing protests in Istanbul this week ... and his crew gets awards, too:

This week's BackStory clip on Domestic was about the Frederik Pleitgen piece that led last Thursday's post, as he traveled with the German military trainers in Afghanistan:

Cal Perry was embedded with Special Forces for some training, as well:

And Atia Abawi filed a report about the perceived progress (or lack thereof) in Afghanistan:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart tonite slammed every anchor on CNN for their incredible lack of fact checking. He started with Tony Harris and ended with Anderson Cooper and said CNN's new Logo should read CNN:"THE STATION THAT JUST LEAVES IT THERE."
Of course he's right. The only thing that was EVER fact checked recently in TSR was the SNL skit, that was completely laughable.
What a shame and because Stewart's own skit will be on every major news website, heads will roll as well they should.