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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Views on the News, Oct. 18

As you've probably noticed we've changed our format this week and we are now updating ATC throughout the day. We're going to give a post dedicated to discussions of the news and CNN a try occasionally and see if it catches on with readers. So here's your chance to give us your opinion, make a request or ask a question. We look forward to hearing from you.
~The ATC team

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday Don Lemon had an great segment
on social media.It made me think Don Lemon
needs to anchor a news program that connects
CNN viewers with the news. Let viewers submit
real news items, none of the political back and
forth. The one thing I hear a lot these days is
that people are so sick of politics controlling
the news. Maybe you could go to CNN or
FaceBook and join a group to be able to submit
news items or stories you think are important.
I say Don because I noticed that viewers had
been sending him news about the balloon
boy via Twitter. The hope is that maybe
someone at CNN or CNN International or
stations from around the country that send
CNN daily items did a story related to the
ones being submitted by viewers. Personally,
I don't see why CNN can't give the viewers
their choices for a couple of hours each day.
I truly believe this is the next generation of
news and not just comments read on the
air. Not only that I think CNN needs to hook
up with independent writers, photographers
and filmmakers.Of course give the viewers
a shout out . It is a way of showing the
network's appreciation for it's viewers.Too
often these days cable news is too self
centered and the viewers don't matter.
Also, on weekends I would like to see
CNN have a program on technology
science and environment perhaps on the
weekend.I see things on weekends on
CNN and HLN that tells me that they are
trying to get some things going.

Anonymous said...

CNN definitely needs some new shows.

Anonymous said...

Will you still be having the Ratings At A Glance segment? If so it is important to include the totals as does TVNewser. There was a great response to that segment and not to see and read it would be a grave mistake and a disappointment. The point of change is to leave what works and let go of the "stuff" that doesn't.

Anonymous said...

CNN can bring back the noon world news hour
and revamp the Newsroom. The Newsroom is
boring and too much of the same thing over and
over again. Please upgrade the music and graphics
along with the sets in Atlanta and NY. The sets
make the anchors look stiff and too old school.\CNN really needs the digital look like CBS.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to become a 24/7 mews channel
again. Get back to facts instead of speculation
and downright wrong information. Drop Lou
Dobbs and Rick Sanchez if they want to gain
their reputation back as a serious news network.
Both these guys have problems with facts and
quite frankly they have helped make CNN a
laughing stock. It is also time to cancel Campbell
Brown's show. The show is just lousy and the
format stinks. Promote real journalists like
John Roberts. It defies logic why a journalist
who is rock solid is on the morning show.AM is
another bad show as well. Just have politics
on The Sit Room and State of the Union. Lose
the crawl and go to a format like when you
go to that you can air going to
commercial and coming back.I 'm talking about
when you go to the site you will see the top
stories with a headline,picture and a sentence
about the story or just like Yahoo. Heck use
the Yahoo format to show the most popular
stories on

Right now CNN looks like bad local news
and not an international news operation.
I know this is the 4th quarter in the business
cycle and changes usually will not happen
until 210, but this is a serious matter.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I will say it again.
CNN should do a prime time news program
for women. Guess what : women are 52 %
of the US population and about to become
the majority work force. I can not believe
the media is just catching on to this. Have
one permanent host be it Kyra, Erica Hill
or Soledad but each week rotate the female
anchors and reporters for all of the CNN
properties. I mean a serious shown not
the view, which I can not stand or politics.
A serious news show please. Since many
of the women are getting college degrees
or higher. In fact 60 % of the people in
college are female. How the media missed
this is beyond me. I would like to see the
women be form diverse ethnic backgrounds.
I also think the show should be fast-paced
and informative at the same time. Do
something groundbreaking CNN. Let
me emphasis this again no political
pundits just the news mixed with music
that relate to women. Yes, set up a
companion website.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 8:35am, I don't think an all women show would work. I'm a woman and there is no way in hell I would watch that. No matter what the format is it would somehow end up like The View. I think it would be boring. What CNN needs to do is lay off the politics and panels. That would be a big improvement.

Anonymous said...

I would like for CNN to use some of the great
material from Time and Sports Illustrated as
well as the website.TW also owns AoL.
Perhaps they can form some sort of partnership
with Google and Yahoo as well as Facebook and
Vimeo and Youtube to get access to some great
material from a media savvy public.Recently,
there was a great article about Time Warner
under the management of Jeff Bewkes. He is
getting rave reviews. The article says TW needs
to buy other stations. I say Current should be
on that list. Making Current a part of CNN
could be a potential gold mine The new
season of Vanguard just started and Mariana
Van Zeller had an awesome doc called ' The
Oxycotin Express'. Of course Infomania is
one of the hottest shows around. It is smart
and witty and IMO better than the daily show.
Also, they have a guy by the name of
Douglas Cabellero who knows music in and
out it could be an awesome segment for
CNN.I say this because if cable news does
not adjust to a changing world they will
be in big trouble. I really like the
segment that has a guy singing a song about
the week's news in review.In fact, I can't
figure out why CNN does not have a half
hour show for Time and SI. A video version
of the magazine would be cool. Have the
reporters at the mags use the style for the
Heroes segments to make things interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN made a huge mistake by having
political ads for AC360. Anderson is regarded
as a news man not a political type on television.
A 360 promo should be about news.