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Friday, November 27, 2009

Coverage of Presidential Address

From mediabistro's FishbowlDC, some details on Tuesday's coverage of President Obama's address concerning the new Afghanistan policy:

Coverage Plans: President Obama's Tuesday Address

CNN: Wolf Blitzer, joined by CNN's Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper, John King, Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria and senior political analysts Gloria Borger and David Gergen, will anchor the cabler's live coverage beginning at 8pmET. "360" will air live at 10pmET and "Larry King Live" will air live at midnight.

(Definitely hoping that they add Michael Ware to that list!)

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Anonymous said...

Now that Ware is in NYC we should see him
more, heck give the man his own show.I hope
they stick with this roster and not turn things
into a circus. There is an interesting item on
ICN about a story on CNN from Variety. It is
so true. CNN needs to be the cable channel
known for news,strong journalistic integrity
and smart insightful conversation from people
who know what they are talking about and really
understand the complex issues.CNN drop it with
Twitter and comments it is dragging you down.
Put your journalists to work and quit following
bogus news from talk radio and political blogs.
This is the time for news to split from the
politicalization of the news. People want access
to news and information not bogus stories.
Wake up 2010 is around the corner. CNN
needs to understand you use Twitter and FB
to inform people of what is happening in the
news world that they might care about not
opinion. I would like to see Peter Bergen also
on Tuesday. Too many times during the dayside
CNN looks like bad local news and not a
worldwide news organization.CNN has a wide
open field here. There is such a strong
appetite for straight news and interesting
items from CNN journalists from around the
world. Quit with the bogus news all day
long. Just this weekend I was involved in a
conversation about what has happened to
CNN in the workplace. Many remembered
when CNN stood for news and you could
actually tune in and find it all and the big
3 networks even held it as an amazing news
operation. The Variety article also speaks
volumes of why someone like Don Lemon
should be on 5 says and not the weekend.
CNN needs some strong journalists on
during dayside.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget John Roberts.CNN still can't
get it through it's head that the Secret Service
has taken full responsibility for the security
mishap at the state dinner.It id did not involve
the social secretary.CNN just does not know
what news is these days.

Anonymous said...

Will CNN be smart enough to get rid of the
hour with Rick Sanchez that is the question.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:31: You are correct in your analysis, but CNN is having an identity crisis and they're into celebrities. Peter Bergen and Michael Ware are not celebrities. Anderson Cooper is no longer a journalist, he's a celebrity/television personality and CNN rode on his coattails so long in prime time that they lost their sense of journalistic integrity. Now it's all about entertainment and even if it fails, like it is doing, Klein is still riding with celebrity, entertainment and the news last.
Until Klein or whoever replaces him, and that should be soon, gets it through his head, that people who watch News want News, not a talking head celebrity television Regis fill-in, you will get the same old same old. Don't expect change and remember to watch Klein's biggest night of the year, when Kathy Griffin joins Host, Anchor, Celebrity, Entertainer, and sometime journalist, Anderson Cooper for some fun on their New Year's Eve Blast.......and if News gets in the way, Mr. Cooper will put on his News Cap and become a Journalist again....for a brief, fleeting, moment or as long as the somewhat nasty news event takes. After all, "News" is an interruption to what's most important....entertainment!

Anonymous said...

The last thing CNN needs is another political
show after the Situation Room. As far as dayside
goes CNN and MSNBC are losing the day demo
to HLN. So obviously people don't like the politics
dayside on MSNBC or the News Room on CNN.
CNN needs new programs and promote the right
people within the network. Just like promoting
Lou Dobbs to prime time was a huge mistake,
the same thing goes for Sanchez. The man is
not professional and is not a joke. How about
Soledad.If there is breaking news at that hour
I won't watch CNN.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is not the problem for CNN in prime
time. It is a mixture of things.CNN should never
have let the talking heads invade 360. All and
all 360 does more news than most news shows
on cable. CNN's problems are from morning to
night. If you are in a huge deficit by 5 there is
not way to make up the difference.CNN has to
find a way to get it's dayside numbers up to
help prime time. I don't think the article even
mentioned AC.He is talking about Rick Sanchez.
The man is not a good journalist or anchor
and should not be in the mix 5 times a week.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Brian, Katie, Charlie and all of the others
considered to be celebrity journos. They all visit
the Daily Show,Letterman and Leno.

Anonymous said...

@5:23PM: No, not constantly. Sometimes they all do, but not continually...and when was the last time Katie or Brian jumped out of a garbage can with Elmo or hosted New Years Eve with Kathy Griffin?????

Anonymous said...

@11:50AM: If Anderson is not "part of the problem," let's change his time and see what happens. Right now he has trouble beating a taped Olberman and a live Greta???