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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don Lemon at Blog World Expo

In a recent article that talks about "crowd-sourcing" news, Media-ite's Steve Rosenbaum mentioned Don Lemon's appearance at Blog World.

And the Times isn’t alone in this. CNN anchor and rising social media star Don Lemon was preaching the gospel of a new “Social” CNN at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas recently. Lemon’s pitch – if you see news happening or have a tip – hit him up on Twitter and he’ll read and respond (@donlemoncnn). A feisty blogger from the audience took issue with Lemon’s offer to allow them to be part of his ‘crowd-sourced’ newsgathering team. “Hey, why should we give YOU our best leads and scoops” the belligerent blogger demanded Lemmon paused, flashed his trademark anchor grin and said: “Because our platform is bigger than your platform.” True enough.

... to read the full article: Curation. Crowd Sourcing. And Sexy Aliens.

Photo credit: thekenyeung

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Anonymous said...

Don's platform might be bigger but that just justifies "lazy" journalism, and the media we now have are not exactly attack dogs and certainly not the "fourth estate."

Anonymous said...

CNN should have him do a user-generated
newscast mixed with stories from CNN reporters.
Lemon could even connect and interview viewers
who contribute. For example, say one talks about
water on the moon. Well maybe someone at CNN
did something on the topic and you connect the
two together and give a shout out to the viewers
who participate. The way CNN uses social media
makes no sense. They are using it for comments
an opinion that is not why most people use
social media. It is used to exchange and learn

Anonymous said...

Yesterday he had a great segment with a guy
who uses animation to explain complex things
like unemployment. That is how you use content
from the internet. There are doc filmmakers on
the web as well.So it is not all bad Anon 5:50
Yes journalists should hit the streets and get off
of their butts. the good stuff on the web rarely
makes it to tv. Someone has to figure out the
balance. The internet will play a role but it is
no substitute for solid journalism.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon rocks along with the people involved
with the 7 pm hour of the Newsroom. They seem
to be devoting the entire hour to 9/11 with regards
to the trial coming to NYC as well as the possible
prisoner transfer to Illinois. Lemon deserves a
promotion; he comes across as a responsible
journalist and could help CNN with credibility
issues.It is surprising to me that some of CNN's
best people are on the weekend shift.

Anonymous said...

@7:44PM: I agree with you. Don deserves a chance at his own show in prime time. He's been on the weekend shift long enough. He's trained and ready to go...but Jon Klein sticks to the tried and true, no matter the ratings and likes playing it safe. He has to go. CNN needs new leadership at its helm and as well as new faces in the anchor chairs.

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon needs to be in the mix of the
anchors for CNN Tonight.