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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ed Henry Interviews President Obama in Beijing

CNN's Senior White House Correspondent, Ed Henry interviewed President Barack Obama in Beijing. Henry asked the President about:

  • his half brother's new book
  • visiting 20 countries in the first year of his Presidency
  • being able to get things done (domestically & abroad)
  • the 9/11 civil prosecutions
  • troop levels in Afghanistan
  • does he trust President Hamid Karzai
  • why isn't the President more like LBJ?
  • the bank bailouts *ireport question*
  • Palin's book & whether the President plans on running for re-election

Beijing, China (CNN) -- A little more than a year after his election, President Obama said his administration has laid the groundwork for success on global and domestic matters.

"I think that we've restored America's standing in the world, and that's confirmed by polls," he told CNN's Ed Henry in a wide-ranging interview this week during his trip to China.

"I think a recent one indicated that around the world, before my election, less than half the people -- maybe less than 40 percent of the people -- thought that you could count on America to do to the right thing. Now it's up to 75 percent."

The president said that makes it easier for world leaders to cooperate with the United States, noting Chinese and Russia involvement in nuclear talks with Iran.

Obama has visited 20 countries during his first year in office, more than any other U.S. president.

... to continue reading, Obama: 'We've restored America's standing'

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Anonymous said...

Maureen Dowd had a very interesting OPED in the NYT Sunday print edition. In summation, though often a liberal, Dowd says that Obama is not connecting with those who elected him and is losing the independent vote who helped him get elected. He no longer ratdiates the energy Sarah Palin radiates, and it does not matter to some, whether she knows content, foreign or otherwise. It's all about what Caribous Barbie can teach or reteach "Cool Barack." She is on message and He isn't at the moment...and that could spell disaster and a one term Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Obama's half brother's new book, according to the NYPost print edition today, there is another just published release out this week called "Sarah Palin: An American Disaster," with the exact same cover as the so called best selling autobiography of Sarah Palin. The author and publisher of this parody were advised to change the cover, immediately, as to not thrwart sales away from real Palin fans. Perish the thought.

Anonymous said...

According to varying reports, Palin was at Fort Bragg NC on her book tour and some, mostly women, stood for twenty hours waiting for "Barbie" to arrive. Makes you wonder what kind of mentality would openly follow this soccer mom from Wasilla...