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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ed Rollins: Dobbs and CNN were no longer in sync

Ed Rollins has an editorial on today about the departure of Lou Dobbs and how it relates to the overall vision of CNN and the changing news business. Part of it reads:
In this past week of very important news -- when the president presided over the memorial service for the slain soldiers of Fort Hood and departed on his first Asia trip, and the attorney general made the controversial decision to treat the mastermind terrorist of 9/11 as a criminal to be tried in a Manhattan civilian courtroom -- the story of the departure of longtime CNN anchor Lou Dobbs still jumped out.

CNN did its usual first-rate job of covering those other stories, but the Dobbs departure is still somewhat of a mystery. It is a hard story to cover, because Lou is family. And it's far more than a story about changing anchors. It's a story about the direction of the "news business" and cable television's role in that business.

To read the rest of the column, click here.

Also, Lou is scheduled to appear on The Daily Show tonight.

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