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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Larry King Live Promo

Ever wonder who does CNN's promos? The latest Larry King Live promo is being done by Engine Room. Here's what they had to say about it:

Engine Room tapped by the creatives at CNN On-Air to produce its Fall Season image spot for Larry King Live.

The spot highlights the stature of the broadcast icon, with a unique behind-the-scenes view of his legendary, Los Angeles-based news studio.

Collaborating with CNN On-Air to produce the spot demonstrates perfectly the level of trust and excellence for which Engine Room in known.

Leaving no room for error, the tight schedule for the shoot was timed out to the minute.

Engine Room seamlessly coordinated with CNN show producers and technicians gaining unparalleled access to film inside the actual Larry King Studio just hours before the show went on air.

By the time the star arrived the multi-camera HD shoot jumped into gear.

When the cameras finally cut, Larry King exclaimed, "That was the easiest shoot I have ever done!"


Here's a glimpse at the promo:

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Larry, don't look any further for a new host or even a substitute host. If you stay alive at least 12 more years, Chance can stay in your spot. Now that's what I call an inheritance!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this means CNN will be updating
their look for 2010. This is a good promo.