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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your Views on the News November 14, 2009

It's been a very busy and interesting week of happenings at CNN. Here's your chance to tell us what you think of the weeks developments

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Anonymous said...

I am holding judgment on the John King decision
until I see the actual show. However, I think when
he filled on 360 about 3 weeks ago the show was
heavy on politics and was likely a preview to what
the program will look like. I am not sure that is
too smart with Wolf on for 3 hours prior to JK.

I also think CNN needs a new magazine type show
in the likeness of Nightline. The ratings for the
program on ABC is amazing. Plus a newscast to
go head to head with the big 3 evening newscasts
with news stories from America and the world.
Including the franchise CNN appears to have
started feature their photojournalists.I love the
concept I just would like to see more of the
people who bring us the stories appear on
camera to tell us about their work and story
behind their efforts to bring the item in focus.

Anonymous said...

Having read many of the opinion posts on problems that seem to encompass CNN, it is the word LAZY.
Many have agreed, that CNN has taken the "lazy way out," and have not presented material that is NEW.
All of its programming comes from other sources, none of it comes from their own leads. They rely too heavily on OTHER outlets to provide information, so therefore they never provide real news. All of their anchors are sudo-journalists who read teleprompters and really think they're reporting something when it actuality they are repeating what has already been said. Please Jon Klein, read this and comprehend it before there is no CNN.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin needs to put down her baby Trig when she meets and greets during her ever expansive book tour. Why does she continually use him as some rag doll prop? Don't tell me with a 5 million dollar advance on her book, she can't afford a nanny. She carries him around like a normal woman carries a purse, but then nothing about Sarah Palin is normal. We get it Sarah, you chose to give birh to a child that has a low aptitude and a even lower potential, like yourself.