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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Your Views on the News November 8, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone. If you have any thing you want to discuss this is the place to put your views and news.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope CNN gets it act together.
CNN must find away get back to it's
strength, which is being a solid news
organization and completely revamp.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe CNN has hardly covered the
story about the sex offender murderer in Ohio.
The story is not even hardly mentioned in prime
time yet Laci Peterson and Natalie Holloway got
tons of coverage on CNN.

Anonymous said...

It is simple why CNN is in trouble. All week
long they are focusing on the GOP. Infomania
was so on this week about how cable news
covered the election on Tuesday. They tried
to make it all about Obama and how they
focused on a few elections extensively
afterwards. The emphasis being media can't
help itself. The punch line Conor said he
forget who he was dealing with. That is
exactly why people are turning away from
CNN . Do they really think Americans are
focused on the GOP? Oh I forget it is

Anonymous said...

In television the year is pretty much winding
down. It is November and things are coming
to a close and the focus is moving to next
year. The question is what will CNN do in 2010?
Let's hope not the same as 2009.

Anonymous said...

At least 360 seems to be getting it's news mojo
back. Let's hope viewers will come back.It was
nice to see David G and Candy having a good
discussion about health care.I like that Spud
over at ICN is taking all of the 24/7 news
channels to task for election overkill.CNN had
better start realizing that things are changing
and they can get ahead of the game with all of
the resources they have and put them to use.
If they just limit politics to TSR and SOU, I
think people can live with that. The other
hours should be devoted to interesting topics
and a huge mix of stories that are interesting..
No doubt that something has to be done with
programming.Anon 7:41 I am with you on
AM . I don't understand why they are calling
this only on CNN. Just because you decide
to do a certain series does not make it an
only on. Come on guys stop using false
ads;it hurts your credibility and CNN can't
afford to keep taking hits in the credibility
department. They just need to find better
and interesting ways to present the news
and quit being lazy be going with the talking
heads to fill time. I think CNN should also
do segments on movies, music gaming and
the internet.I love when the original 360
talked about movies and music. I even
remember the REM video premiere on 360.

Anonymous said...

The choice of John King to take over for Lou Dobbs will not lead to better ratings for CNN. Everyone likes John King and he's very knowledgeable, but will they watch him?? If FOX has taught viewers anything, it is that they are hungry for opinion. Dobbs gave his opinion but he was out of touch with what CNN isn't. Until CNN decides what it is, everyone will fail.